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A DNA test will sort that out in 0.5 seconds

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Whose got hitler dna?

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Eva Braun's blue dress.

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His surviving family members.

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His extended family.. nieces, uncles, grandparents, etc? You know.. people he's related to.

Also I'm sure there are many examples of his DNA still around.. http://www.haaretz.com/jewish/dna-tests-reveal-hitler-s-jewish-and-african-roots-1.309938

Seriously it's not hard to find a match

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I can't wait to read that autobiography he's working on.

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What she says actually makes this alot more believable if you've ever spent any time around Alzheimers patients. Trance like flashbacks where he talks of demons and Jews. This is common Alzheimers behavior.

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If true it would be Ironic really because isn't the name Alzheimer Jewish? :D.