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In washington state, for the first time i have ever seen, they had a check box. Democrat. Republican. And they also had a fucking disclaimer saying that you must choose one, not checking one will invalidate your vote. They had no other choices other than the stated. Just fyi. Sounds like database gathering.

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It was probably the primary. The other parties didn't have primaries, so only democrat and republican had options.

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What if you were libertarian?

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First, it was a collection of publically accessible state public voter records. Second , it was not leaked, it was found unsecured by an individual who notified the Research Company who owned it. They secured the server because the optics look bad, not because it was private information. This whole thing is very clickbaity.

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Why in the fuck was it on an Amazon server. The registrar can't pony up for real storage solutions?

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Now they'll know I wrote in "my ass", good thing I retired so they cant take my job away from me

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Boy it's a good thing doctors and other healthcare professionals are putting all our data in online databases. So convenient!

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Don't forget that the databases are specifically in India so they don't have to follow those pesky HIPA laws in the US.

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The funniest thing about this was an ad on zdnet asking me to sign up for their cloud newsletter.

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Luckily I don't waste my time...

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