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To be fair, if you go to Asia, you should always assume you're eating dog.

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And that the oil it was cooked in came from the gutter. If you've been living under a rock, google gutter oil.

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I know. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

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Quick rule of thumb...if you see stray or wild dogs you know your chicken pho is legit

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Hell, you should assume that in half the Chinese restaurants in New York City.

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Man, don't do that!

Funny, out in the Midwest, several people have pointed out seeing Chinese people bring in deer and other roadkill into their restaurants. I don't think anyone has been able to prove it, though. Given this is the cellphone age, it's probably bullshit, but you never know.

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They've been known to do that down South too, health-inspectors found dog meat at a not too distant Asian restaurant... Of course their name gave it away, "Chow Time", it's not like the bloated bastards at the buffet have anyone to blame but themselves. They also like taking them out on fishing boats and returning without them, of course nobody knows exactly what happens to those dogs, but they don't make good bait so.....

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"oh my god are we eating dog??" - cunty tourist chick


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Poisoning or mislabeling food is despicable.

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..and? so?

Can I get that in a doggy bag?

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Found the muslim.

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Aloha Snackbar...woof woof

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I think there are two things that are causing the uproar. First, the dogs are being killed with poison, and second, the mean is being sold as chicken to tourists.

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Nah ... Nah ... Nope ... Nope ...

Fuck this.

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I hope the ignorant tourists get botulism and end up like vegetables. There is also poison in the dog meat, which I hope also poisons the scumbags who eat it. Bali, like the rest of Indonesia is a squalid hellhole to be avoided at all costs.

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Yummy dogs.