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I mean, what were they expecting ? You run over enough British citizens with trucks and vans in pursuit of your terrorist agenda, don't be too surprised when someone snaps and decides to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Karma is a bitch, huh ?

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I guarantee it's another muslim. Some intra-muslim bullshit, like turk-vs-kurds, sunni-vs-shiites, etc.

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yeah, the guy's face was censored, so probably Muslim. If it was a brit, they would be all over it, naming him and calling it a hate crime.

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I guarantee it's another muslim. Some intra-muslim bullshit, like turk-vs-kurds, sunni-vs-shiites, etc.

It might be: everywhere where there are lots of Muslims there are plenty of fights between various sects. But I think a false flag is more likely: either organized by Muslims or the UK government itself.

The UK doesn't want to stop terrorism, they want to crack down on "hate speech" (just by whites) even further and violence against Muslims is the perfect excuse they need to put in place more internet censorship and other crazy speech controls.

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Britain has like something close to 23 thousand Jihadists within its borders. They're basically at war so I expect ground skirmishes to become more frequent as the government gets co opted by the invaders.

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Especially during the month of Ram-a-van.

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He was in a WHITE van...prob fucn Muslim

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The van was rented also . . .

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Well, unexpected. MSNBC can't put a label on this one. Drunk Brits maybe? I just wonder if the sandpeople will go apeshit and burn London down over this.

Edit: Would be hard for a liberal spin on this if driver was related to a victim of one of the muslim attacks.

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I saw a short video clip earlier, looked to me like he was drunk.

Wobbled a bit and his eye kinda looked half-lidded, but the video was dark.

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something tells me it's not part and parcel when the victims are Muslim

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Now..... Now you will see the sand nigger mayor go full retard because it was (possibly) a white guy running over mudslimes. The hypocrisy will be fun to watch.

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Did you notice how the media link says "terrorism", says his race as "White" and also claims the victims as good samaritans in the same article which is the first one I've seen published?

As I recall, the actual Muslim on British terrorist attacks they report "unknown motive at this time" and "suspect unknown but possible suspect in custody", every first articles on the same thing. Such blatant spin and mind control, the hubris is almost astounding.

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Move along folks. Actually, You might want to move really fast on sidewalks.

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All part of London's new fitness program.....run to work, spend half the time looking over your shoulder......

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White van driver ploughs into and hurts at least 10 people outside hate cleric Abu Hamza's former mosque in London's Finsbury Park before Muslims finishing evening prayers tackle suspect to ground

LOL the van was white. Talk about intentionally misleading.

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good job (((media)))

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Further up is an uncensored pic. Looks white in the bone structure, unfortunately.

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The size of his snot-locker tells me he likes counting shekels.

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Why can't these peaceful vans stop ploughing into people?

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The vans are not real muslims folks.

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Vans are vehicles of peace.

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"Cargo vans are for the military completely overkill for self defense purposes! The second amendment was not written with vans like this in mind!!!"

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That was along my lines of thought. We're constantly told not to jump to conclusions and that they dont represent all muslims. We'll, hes already "islamaphobic" and im eilling to bet white people will ve punished on mass for this, in some form or another.

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Because it's cultural appropriation!

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No name - it was another shitskin.

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If it was whitey kicking back, they'd be hiring stunt planes to write that shit in the sky over every major population center in the western world.

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This incident does not represent all white people. The vast majority of white people are peaceful and law abiding.

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In front of a mosque? Do you think it's a Brit playing 'If it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander?'

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My guess.

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I hope

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I posted a video of the guy getting arrested, it's sure looks like a Brit to me. Went to the trouble of renting a van instead of stealing one.

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