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This formalizes Canada as a totalitarian state. State enforced pseudo science. Canada's 150th birthday sees Galileo/inquisition repression come to this nation.

Eukaryotic life has been reproducing sexually for 1.2 billion years. Male and female.


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A whole bunch of people going to jail for this would be great. I'm not kidding this is the civil rights conflict of your time. I'm sure Jordan b Peterson's going to jail for this. He's already said as much. If a whole bunch more people go as well the ridiculouness of this law will be exposed. This needs to be done in the biggest most showy way possible and then refuse to pay the fine, take the jail time in protest. This is the only way you can change this.

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Tolstoy watched this happen in Russia. His words, written in 1894. I'm memorizing this for my witch trial. 'The Kingdom of God is Within You' was first printed in Germany because it was banned in Russia.

There is one thing, and only one thing, in which it is granted to you to be free in life, all else being beyond your power: that is to recognize and profess the truth.

And yet simply from the fact that other men as misguided and as pitiful creatures as yourself have made you soldier, tzar, landowner, capitalist, priest, or general, you undertake to commit acts of violence obviously opposed to your reason and your heart, to base your existence on the misfortunes of others, and above all, instead of filling the one duty of your life, recognizing and professing the truth, you feign not to recognize it and disguise it from yourself and others.

And what are the conditions in which you are doing this? You who may die at any instant, you sign sentences of death, you declare war, you take part in it, you judge, you punish, you plunder the working people, you live luxuriously in the midst of the poor, and teach weak men who have confidence in you that this must be so, that the duty of men is to do this, and yet it may happen at the moment when you are acting thus that a bacterium or a bull may attack you and you will fall and die, losing forever the chance of repairing the harm you have done to others, and above all yourself, in uselessly wasting a life which has been given you only once in an eternity, without having accomplished the only thing you ought to have done.

However commonplace and out of date it may seem to us, however confused we may be by hypocrisy and by the hypnotic suggestion which results from it, nothing can destroy the certainty of this simple and clearly defined truth. No external conditions can guarantee our life, which is attended with inevitable sufferings and infallibly terminated by death, and which consequently can have no significance except in the constant accomplishment of what is demanded by the Power which has placed us in life with a sole certain guide - the rational conscience.

That is why that Power cannot require of us what is irrational and impossible: the organization of our temporary external life, the life of society or of the state. That Power demands of us only what is reasonable, certain, and possible: to serve the kingdom of God - that is - to contribute to the establishment of the greatest possible union between all living beings - a union possible only in the truth; and to recognize and to profess the revealed truth, which is always in our power.

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If I lived in Canada I would go to jail with him. That man is a true leader with integrity.

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You're assuming the press will deal with such an event honestly. Problem is, they're the exact same type of marxist who runs these "tribunals". There would be a tiny notice saying something along the lines of "Right-wing Nazi imprisoned for hate speech" and nobody would raise an eyebrow.

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That, or all the sane people could move to the usa and all the insane people could be sent to canada.

Isn't it funny a bunch of people during this last election said "fuck this" and moved to Canada? Bet they regert it now.

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It means the conservatives are going to win the next election. I was hoping for mad Max to win and it was close.

Andrew Scheer probably has wider appeal and less baggage than Maxime but seems a little bland to me, which isn't a bad thing for wider appeal.

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+1 for the Star Trek reference.

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And Star Trek got the idea from 1984.

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How about we propose a bill that criminalizes racial IQ theory denial

Not sure id want it to actually be law but it would definitely rile them up a bit just proposing it in protest.

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Gender Dysphoria isn't a theory anyway, it's a by-product and fact of life at this point because our fucked up (((media))) has pushed it on us and pushed for "solving" through genital mutilation and such.

Fucking Canuck Cuckolds.... Shit like this happens when the (((globalists))) take over your government, own almost all the media, flood your country with degenerates.....

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I'm sorry, does it say "kike" somewhere on our foreheads that I missed? This is a tactic (((they))) use.

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Problem is. The only way to win is to beat them at their own game.

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I want a goddamn law that says I have every right to call the holohoax bullshit and replace any mention of it with the true holocaust called the Holodomor, perpetrated by jews (Bolsheviks) on the Russian and Ukrainian people, a crime against humanity that caused the deaths of at least twenty million people. Remember this when they come to take your guns. Think it can't happen again? Look who's behind the incessant call for gun control in the US. I'm sick of these lying kikes.


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there are no rules when your people are under attack.


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So far "your way" is losing to (((their))) way. Maybe we should implement (((their))) tactics in some cases.

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Um, it's a theory. Theories are by definition unproven and should always be open to rigorous debate. Especially theories with little to no scientific basis that are backed solely by feelings.

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I'd say it's even worse than that. A "theory" in STEM fields means that it has been scientifically tested many many times and is a reasonable explanation given current data. At best "Gender Hypothesis" would be more accurate.

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Just another cultural marxist rewrite of well understood words to push through agendas. Theory use to mean something very important now it means the hot air of liberals

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Well, the word has a number of meanings:

  • Something which can unequivocally be proven to be true (used by Mathematicians)

  • Something which has extensively been corroborated by experimental results (mostly used this way in the hard sciences)

  • A possibility which has yet to be proven (common usage)

  • A body of arguments, models and/or conventions surrounding a particular topic (used in liberal arts, eg music theory)

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This is a retarded law - and it isn't going to fly.

Gender theory is Marxist BS.

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It does in canada.

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Did Marx really accept stuff like that though?

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He said some vague bullshit in a few of his writings that could be interpreted by twisted feminist to support their cause. Heck, they need to be able to connect feminism and Marxism otherwise two of their three favorite ideologies would be in opposition to one an other.

, while Marx was at times somewhat ambiguous on this point, he tended to view gender as a dynamic concept capable of further development. Thus, he pointed out in the 1844 Manuscripts, for exemple, that the position of women (and men) can and should change.

Marx's overall theory were merged with psychoanalytic or other forms of feminist theory by feminist scholars such as Hartsock and Hartmann, beause these scholars viewed Marx's theory as primarily gender-blind and in need of additional theory to understand gender-relations as well.

Marx argued that women's position in society could be used as a measure of development of society as a whole. - for Marx this was more than simply a call for men to change the position of women. Instead, as I have argued, Marx was making a dialectical argument that was directly related to his overall theory for society to advance beyond its capitalist form, new social relations would have to be formed that did not rely solely upon crude formulation of value. Human-beings would have to become able to see each other as valuable in themselves, rather than as only valuable for what one individual can provide to another.

Moreover, Marx appears to point in the direction of gender as a dynamic rather than static category. Certainly, Marx never directly made this claim: however ...... As human-beings interact with nature through labour, both the individual and nature is changed. ..... Since both nature and society are not static entities, Marx argued that there can be no transhistorical notion of what is 'natural'. Instead, a concept of 'natural' can only be relevant for specific historical circumstances.

If you want to torture yourself: http://ouleft.org/wp-content/uploads/marx-gender-family.pdf

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I've no idea.

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Castro would never have put up with this.


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How does this work with shariah law?

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Muslims would never be prosecuted for any of this. Ever.

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And will always be free import thier exploding friends.

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Need a nothern wall as well to keep those faggots out.

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I'm Canadian and I deny gender theory!

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