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It seems a bunch of alt-right trolls are about to learn an important lesson about hard work and responsibility - a glorified blogger, May 19, 2017


Voat was originally founded when, a couple years ago, Reddit announced a new anti-harassment policy and subsequently banned a handful of nasty subreddits

Oh, you can still harass people, just as long as it is Plebbit approved demographics

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Wow fuck that guy sideways with a lunchbox.

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Dan Neilan can eat a bag of dicks.

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Might have spoke a bit too soonthere AV club, the response from this community to the announcement has been absolutely astounding. My only complaint is that putt wasn't more transparent from the start, if he has been we wouldn't be doing this 11th hour thing.

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Good Post

IMHO make 'mods' pay to be mod's, they all have an agenda, and thus the cost would be pushed to their sponsor, most of the sub's are ran by mod's with an agenda, and almost always agendas have people with big-money behind them,

It could cull the unncessary mod's and force the worst mod's to pay-up, an algorithm for cost would be number of average goats per hour times the number of submissions deleted. Say on /v/pizzagate those Hasbara mod's would end up essentially paying for all of voat.

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I wasn't gonna contribute before. Here's my 5 dollars a month to counter this cockmunchers narrative. Voat will live