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So, wanting free speech and rights that are actually equal in both directions is "radicalized," comparable to actual terrorism, while covering one's face in a mask, leading a mob and beating people over the head with a steel bike lock in public as a message of support for the good qualities of communism is just good citizenry.

Yeah, the future looks bright...

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"It's not Communism it's democratic Socialism!" - my Bernie-supporting sister and her boyfriend.

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Articles like that calling conservatives NAZI's really help to slow down the radicalization. The left is officially pushing the right off the deep end. I don't see 19th century white supremacy ever recurring but I do see a movement toward white pride, white people embracing their history and accomplishments in the world.

Let the left keep it up they bring more and more people to the same conclusion. Fuck these other people they need to work for it just like we did. I'm sick of giving handouts for ghettos that get worse every year. These people need to fix the fucking mess they have made of their life and contribute to society.

I may be different than others on here. I don't give a fuck what color you are. I know plenty of lily white niggers that need to get off their lazy asses and I know quite a few good hard working dark skinned people who hate all the drags on society as much as I do .

I'll even agree there is a faction of jews who are scary as hell. That divide has always been in the Jewish community though.

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voat didn't "radicalize" me, the compounding mainstream (let's be real, Jewish Special interest) lies combined with the ineptitude of my government radicalized me.

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Nobody radicalizes me, for I am the radicalizer.

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We live in trying times where learning the truth is "radicalization".

Like this right here: even though there are cited sources to back up the claims made by the author, it is considered "hate speech".


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These types are not interested in what the reality is, they just want to "figure it out themselves" by drawing on their already formed opinions of the matter. They have no idea when they are being fed bullshit because they wont do the footwork... so they get trolled and that becomes their perception of the situation.

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Anyone have a sub dedicated to mentions of voat in articles? Would post.

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How did you find article? it had a pervasive leftist bias, but it was an intriguing read.

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I find them from doing simple searches. Not all search engines pull up the same results.

The mentions of voat around the web in wide spread articles is something that should be watched closely. You can't "fight" what you're unaware of. Most of the time it's all about what a horrible place voat is on the surface (lurker view activated), allowing people to have opinions and use words and such. Damn those guys...

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given the similarities between far-right and Islamic radicalization

Yup, it's absolutely NOT the CTRL-Left that acts like Islamic radicals! (ps fuck you faggots that believe in "moderate" islam)

It’s simply continuing a disgraceful and all-too-current thread of American history.

And what the fuck is this even supposed to mean? The author goes from calling us Nazis, to sand niggers, to "historical Americans" Stop switching analogies!

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The author goes from calling us Nazis, to sand niggers, to "historical Americans"

I don't know what you're talk about, as I for one believe that we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children in the name of allah, just as the founders intended.

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Ja, ja. I see your point. My sausage sucking, camel assed, beer swilling friend! Sieg Trump Akhbar!

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Radicalize to me means willing to take up weapons in the streets for your worldview. I am no where near that! I do believe in the people talking honestly (bar/kitchen table talk) helps your fellow man see the forest for the trees. Expecially with 6 media corps controlling the narrative. That's what Voat is to me. Like When servers have a beer and bitch, laugh, and rib each other about the day.

If that is "radical" then they are faggot, kike, niggers. We can say that here:)

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Red-pilling is the far-right equivalent of consciousness-raising or, in today’s lingo, becoming “woke.”

Finally the truth is out, "red pilling" is the equivalent faggotry of "woke".

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When they come after you, You have hit a nerve. They want to belong but the "NEETS" (Never Ending Eunuch TratitS) lack a backbone.

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Niggas Eating Everything They Say.

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