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It looks to me like the mods locked it. That's not Reddit banning all Trump voters.

You look like an idiot.

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This right here. T_D will be back shortly and it's not going anywhere soon. People (and I say this as a casual participant in T_D myself) are majorly overreacting; Reddit can't ban "every Donald Trump voter", they would have a hard time even banning T_D (since they still pay lip service to fairness and impartiality) unless all the mods went full retard (wouldn't be surprised, but I'd rather see a return to more constructive circlejerking discussion).

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The mods were expelled in addition to the mod team locking it.

Art of war, divide your enemy. So some people will stay at the Reddit controlled t_d and others will migrate here. Reddit achieves their goal of getting rid of a group AND sizes control of t_d by putting their own mods in place.

T_d is as dead as the pizzagate investigation on Reddit.

He's not wrong and you look like an asshole.

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Wrong. Reddit did not ban all Trump voters. He looks like an idiot for saying so.

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It looks to me like the mods locked it.

If everything is as it seems, then this is exactly correct. It's amazing how many redditors don't understand the basics of how reddit works. Were /r/the_Donald banned, the message page would say such explicitly.

I think the way this all came to pass is sketchy as fuck. There's not presently enough information to make a conclusion one way or another. But the stated justification for the (remaining) the_Donald mods going dark doesn't add up. Either this is sabotage meant to look like rash stupidity, or plain old rash stupidity.

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here's not presently enough information to make a conclusion one way

That's true. But seeing how Reddit admins have treated subs they don't agree with it's not difficult to assume that T_D will only come back in a form that can more easily be controlled and it's message tempered and molded.

Lets be honest. The environment created by reddit admins for T_D to operate within were unique and specially tailored to minimize T_D's impact on the site that no other subreddit was expected to endure.

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Then why was all the Post history nuked?

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admins could easily put up that message or appoint a mod to do it for them.

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This is just stupid fuck mods who felt it necessary to antagonize further the basic bitch admins on reddit thus leading to the admins banning some mods. Funny how the mods without asking any of the subscribers thought it would be a good idea to lock down the entire sub without telling us to meet here leaving the rest of the sub scattered.

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ty senpai, the only thing you didn't cover was the shitty imgur link

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So while I was a browser of TD, I also was just tired of the incessant Trump hate. I've been looking for an exciting new community to hang out with. You guys seem to like calling people faggots, so what's up faggots!

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nothing you cocksucker

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Try gab.ai no censorship like twitter

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Why would he go to a gabai? Why would be want to receive blessing from the synagogue?

Words have meaning. And any member of Gab is a dumb motherfucker.

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Don't let the (((Jews))))) get you! Welcome to voat you nigger fag

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What a potty mouth 👄 take the dick out maybe that will help.

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Batten down the fucking hatches!

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The irony is palpable. In all seriousness we need to help people in their own lands instead of just taking in the smart ones and leaving the stupid to replicate.

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XD Faggot in a MAGA hat here, what up guys?

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You got it all wrong. You think we're going to be stuck here with you? No, you're going to be stuck here with us!

Buckle up buttercup cause this ride just started.


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Let me introduce you to our brand of politics you little faggot desperately want to get associated with...


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LOL - Good One:)

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Keep your powder dry, PEDES this is unacceptable.

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I'm done with Reddit. What's up?

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Night Mode (the little light bulb icon at the top right.) Use it.

And... that's pretty much it!

Enjoy your stay, check out /v/whatever, and speak your mind - we all do.

Ask a sincere question and you will get (mostly) sincere answers, but ask a troll question and we will likely burn down your village.

Welcome again!

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Voat should build a wall.

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And make cuckchan pay for it!

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Come in brothers!

And don't act like a faggot when you arrive!

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But.... I AM a faggot... :)

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Well don't ACT like one! :)

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Reddit banning their own mods!

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Fuck reddit

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