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Get ready for this one to fall down the memory hole: you won't see cities burnt to the ground over this one.

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All involved are black. They won't do shit because 0 fucks will be given.

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https://archive.is/3NZXO | :

Three teenagers arrested in 6-year-old boy's killing - CNN.com

"They're also facing auto theft charges in Hinds County, according to the Hinds County Sheriff's Office.", "The three suspects pulled into the parking lot in a separate car, the Hind's County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.", "The boy was shot in the back of the head, Madison County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Heath Hall said.", "Dwan Wakefield, D'Allen Washington and Byron McBride -- all in their late teens -- are being held without bond in the Madison County Detention Center, Hall said.", " Multiple state and local agencies collaborated on the investigation, including the Jackson Police Department, the Hinds County Sheriff's Office, the Madison County Sheriff's Office, the Mississippi Highway Patrol and the MBI. The FBI is also investigating, Hall said."

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Alright explain this to me please, someone:

When Kingston's mother came out of the store, she alerted a nearby sheriff's deputy that her vehicle was missing. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation issued an Amber Alert when it became clear that a child had been inside the stolen vehicle.

This woman left her kid, unattended in a car while she was shopping. The mother should be arrested for neglect. I know she lost her kid, but she is the reason it happened. Child endangerment at the very least.

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nah, a fucking 6 year old can sit in a fucking car by himself. He can walk home from school by himself. He can ride his fucking bike with his friends by himself. Being by himself wasn't a contributing factor in the kid's death.

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Your lack of information would leave me to believe you are not a parent.