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Bloody hell they really all are a bunch of corrupt fuckers...

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Holy shit, a site dedicated to showcasing the corruption in New Jersey... Fucking A!

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It only goes back to 12 April 2017 so I hope it's real and does well.

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Lois Lerner where are you?

IRS like FBI, like DHS like BLM are all private corporations created by the ZIONIST, they have always been used for personal privilege to fuck ppl, today they plant CP, but back in the day IRS audits were common for anybody that "Questioned Authority".

Trumps IRS fillings are essential to get him in an Al Capone, every knows that since 1981 Trump has been laundering Kosher-Nostra money, and public even knows the property's, once we have the tax returns we can see what he with-holds and how he hides his shell-company's. The way you take down guy's like Capone is "Tax Evasion", Trump's hide's his returns because he couldn't handle a public audit.

The Corporation that do Trump's audit is the same people who manage the clinton-foundation. That how rotten this shit it.

Yep NJ rotten as they come and Atlantic City(NJ), and that's why all this Trump Mob shit goes back to 1981 when he created the Casinos and became a FBI Informant. Essentially Trump is a made man, protected by MOB & GOV.

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Who woulda guessed

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It's me your brother, Kettle.

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Isn't there a token term for this - a politician decrying any thing are themselves always without exception guilty of the same. A rule34 so to speak specifically describing inherit hypocrisy of politicians?

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He's just trying to copy the republicans.