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Carlos Danger

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I'm not shilling for Weiner (actually you know what? fuck the lot of you for having me to start with that) but it's not fucking ok to lock a man up for 'sexting'. What the fuck is that anyway? It's now against the law to even talk to women? So fucking what she was 15. They exchanged messages, digitally, consensually. What the fuck?

Cannot speak to women. Cannot touch women. Cannot even look at them in some cases.

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I'd draw the line at explicit photos sent or trying to arrange a meeting. At that point it's fair to say a crime has been committed.

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I wouldn't. Setting a meeting is not against the law. Having sex with the girl at that meeting, that would probably be against the law. I'm in two minds about the photos.

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https://archive.is/yrhY2 | :

Weiner sobs, telling judge he’s sick as he faces years in prison for sexting | New York Post

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