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Law enforcement officials confirmed to (((NBC News))) that the man was detained, arrested but later released after being cited for misdemeanor trespassing. They also have learned the man was born in 1991 and Turkish but no other details on him were immediately available.

The incident happened about two hours before the flight landed in Honolulu, according to the FBI

"I look up and a man has a blanket over his head. It all transpired ... so quickly — him rushing the cockpit."

"Once the Airbus A321 was in the air, the man allegedly tried to break through the cockpit door,"

"Two Pacific Command F-22 Raptors from the Hawaii Air National Guard scrambled this morning in response to a reported disturbance on a civilian airliner making an approach to Honolulu International Airport," - U.S. Navy Commander Dave Benham


"[fighter jets] escorted the airliner to the airport in accordance with homeland defense procedures. Local law enforcement responded once the civilian airliner was on the ground." - U.S. Pacific Command spokesman

Crappy passenger video of the suspect