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breached security at Los Angeles International Airport, but was assessed and allowed to board AA Flight 31 anyway


Edit: while Hanlon's razor can apply here, it also stinks of possible accomplice(s) inside TSA at LAX.

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To piggy back off this, anyone who has "breached" security in any way at a commercial airliner needs to be detained indefinitely until a proper investigation can be carried out. Why the fuck did they roll out the welcome mat???

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Because it's California?

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what does "breach" even constitute? trying to bum-rush the pat-down/scanner or something?

a policy of 'breach and release' doesn't sound so good when you say it out loud.

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That sounds awfully racist, goy. Just because he is Turkish doesn't mean he's a terrorist, hehehe.

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Nah m8, we apply occams razor to our ideas.

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Fucking roach.

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Yep. Dry run.

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If the kebobs are able to override or jam avionics with a laptop couldn't they also use a phone?

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Fucking turkroaches.

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maybe he just wanted to get into the First Class SNACKBAR!

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On a flight to Honolulu? Aloha!

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That was too perfect

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Allah Snakbar!!

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local reports on oahu with passenger interviews say the man did not even make it into first class. was subdued by flight crew and passengers while attendant blocked entry to first class with drink cart. ALSO, local reports say man was in the country going to acting school in santa monica. Soooooo, who wants to bet that this was a minor false flag to show that hawaii should not be blocking the travel ban. hmmm hmmm? maybe ;)

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After he had gone through security at LAX he went through a restricted door onto the flight ramp, was stopped on the tarmac by a worker, then arrested and charged with misdemeanor trespass, before being released and allowed to board the Hawaii flight.

In a statement, police said: "This morning at approximately 2:45 a.m., officers with the Los Angeles International Airport Police Division responded to a radio call of a passenger going through a door from the Terminal 5 concourse that led out onto the airfield ramp. The man, 25 year old Anil Uskanil, was immediately spotted by a contractor and detained. Uskanil was a ticketed passenger on an American Airlines flight, and had gone through TSA screening. Airport Police investigated and determined Uskanil had been drinking but did not meet the criteria for drunk in public. A Police K-9 searched and cleared the area. Uskanil was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing, cited, given a pending court date and released from custody."

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Fuck the Turks, genocidal assholes.

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Can we bomb Turkey please? Reclaim Constantinople.

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