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I'm all for the FAA not being involved. However, I still believe landowners should have the absolute rights to shoot down drones flying over their property without their consent and the drone owners should have to pay damages.

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IMO, it is trespassing. Now if it is just flying way over head and not sticking around, sure (unless it's just constantly buzzing around your place), but if its hovering and trying to record your property, get out the shotgun, birdshot should work.

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You don't own the airspace over your land, anymore than you own the water flowing under it in aquifers. Sounds like someone lines their hat with layers of tinfoil...

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Actually you do own the airspace over your land and in most places you also have ownership rights in everything beneath it. But for reason's of societal benefit the government restricts those rights.

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I didn't register my drone anyways. Just seemed like a scheme to get my money.

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Amazon is lobbying hard for autonomous drones. They want low altitude highways in the sky, owned by their tech. Autonomous delivery is the next internet of things.

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If it's as stupid and easily hackable as the IOT expect drones to be slamming into a building near you.

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Quite surprised by this decision.

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I'm not. It is a way to give the people the illusion of freedom but we know that it is just going to be used as open source eyes for the intelligence agencies to hack the feed and be everywhere at once.

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Seems pretty post-hoc to me, but perhaps you're right.

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Likely because they are just going to bug all commercial drives with s kill switch

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but why is it so?

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I commented above about why I think it is so.

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One of two things: the Trump administration is relaxing regulation, or a false flag is inbound.