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Isn't it fun watching the left eat itself?

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We all said the left would eat itself alive, it's happening and isn't it so much fun to watch.

[–] voatusernamevoat 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago  (edited ago)

You're not getting it, feminism is repackaged jew communism, the point isn't women, but to destroy White civilization, destroy Whites.. ie this is a win for them.

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Oy vey!

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Political correctness is repackaged Jewish Communism. It was near meant to help womwn, blacks, or gays. It was meant to be used as a weapon against white culture.

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The reality is that these institutions have been corrupted from the inside and under the guise of political correctness or as just a cheap marketing ploy these policies are pushed through. This school is no longer 'all-female' that is the result of this and that was the intent of whom ever has seized control.

[–] FeelSorryForVoat 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago 


I know how much yall love your self-isolated regurgitation rooms, but that college was in financial crisis before the board decided to let in transgenders, and the board's decision was actually about opening the school up to men (not chicks with dicks), and that's what the students protested over, and the board decided not to because of the protest.

You self congratulating intentionally ignorant cucks.

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Maybe that school sucked an oily bag of dicks. Markets don't lie fam. If nobody's buying it must be for a reason.

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Let's piss off 90+% of prospective student's to appease less than 1% of prospective students. Makes perfect sense in a liberal utopia where people don't have freedom of choice.

I'm hoping these dumb fuckers all bankrupt themselves before we get to the liberal utopia they are trying to manifest. I can't imagine the sheer amount of money they have dumped in the first 5 months of Trumps presidency to smear him. The money has to dry up at some point.

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those 90% are just bigots, why should they care about them? /s (for the newcomers)

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Unfortunately the governemnt will bail them out.

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Unfortunately when you say "the government will bail you out" you mean hard working Americans will have their money stolen by the government to fund this kind of bullshit.

I'm not an insane libertarian, I like roads and believe in the social contract to an extent. But it's important to remember that every dime the government spends is stolen. It has to be worth something. If these retards want to try to build their liberal utopia and fall flat on their face, fuck em. Not fund em.

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Taxpayer money does not "dry up". They'll just cut more funds for infrastructure repair and put it all into hatefunds and slushfunds for their commie rhetoric. This ends in bridges collapsing and dams breaking. Oh wait, already happened.

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It all depends on who is controlling the taxpayer money.

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Not too long ago this would be the plot to a sitcom. Like a Bosom Buddies reboot.

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assigned to the female sex at birth...

The whole thing is getting so entertaining to watch - including the atrocious abuse of the english language to come up with such perls.

How do they imagine things work? a baby is born, then some kind of committee gathers and weighs the pros and cons during endless deliberations until they decree a sex assignment?

Some day I'd like to try the drugs they are using....

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Don't you know that chromosomes are sexist?

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Science and objectivity are tools of the patriarchy (the white, cis-het patriarchy).

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OTOH their sports teams will be awesome.

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Not awesome. . . Fabulous!

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Dont worry there are more than enough trannies in the country to cover the numbers that fall away, any minute now.

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They are taking episodes of Bosom Buddies and using it as a blue print for building a society. We used to put these people in mental hospitals.

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Great moves, maybe taking lessons from Missu on how to destroy yourself. I also heard Bernie's wife Jane is looking for a position, she's qualified.

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