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Isn't his Dad connected with CAIR or something? It was an obvious set-up from the get go.

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First time hearing this but not at all surprised. Islamic fuckers just want us all dead.

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Dad sued some news outlets for reporting on it alleging defamation. He lost big time, due to SLAPP laws the case got dismissed and he has to pay lawyer fees to the defendants. Most states have SLAPP laws (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) that means if someone files a bullshit defamation case the defense can force them to put up their evidence and if it isn't enough for a good case, the whole thing gets dropped, and in some states you have to pay the defendants lawyer fees.

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This event, was my truly first successful redpill. yeah... yeah... I know... I'm a slow dumbass.
Everyone who supported this lil shit I lost faith in. From there everything else followed.

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The entire media political establishment was ready and willing to push this as PC gospel, you're right to not trust the useful idiots who shared this nonsense with their friends and family.

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This was what got me. I can't say I was so incredible back then. I have that same/similar clock. I've had it forever and have fixed it numerous times(it's near 30+ years old - retro now and it stores a 9v in case I need it). So he didn't build it. Second I worked in school systems for a bit. After 2001 and really it started with Columbine no weapons in schools. Zero tolerance. If a kid makes a hand gesture that looks like a gun he's gone doesn't even matter if he's 5. He turns his pop tart into one, gone. They are required to do this per regulations/sue happiness. You get canned if you don't. Now a bomb type thing and he went halfway through the day taunting people with it? He got more tolerance that anyone so he knew what he was doing. That the daily show, msnbc, make magazine, etc... didn't call this out? Hell he can goto MIT for a few loose screws and a box? WTF I knew 10 yr olds that built cars from used parts. And the kicker was it was the Democrats pushing for no guns in schools. I remember that in the 90s so then it was the hypocrisy just got me.

So my litmus test became what people thought about this. Everything sadly became simpler.

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Hey better late than never. Mine was 9/11 and the events that followed shortly after. Although, I took a bunch more redpills during the last election cycle too.

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9/11 as well for me. I wasn't about to believe some apes with boxcutters took over some airplanes and flew around for an hour. Or how they hit the pentagon exactly where the dept that was collecting information on the missing $2.3 trillion dollars.

I remember all the gas stations around me were full and wrapping around the block. We had a couple places jack their prices up to $5/gal just because. Fortunately they were busted by local authorities. From that day forward my view on everything and everyone changed. Question everything.

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Mine was Afghanistan. Once I found out the ANA was raping prisoners and little boys I realized that some cultures truly are scum. I didn't fully process it until I got out like three years later, I did a little over a year in Iraq after I got back from Afghanistan so I had that to think about instead. The other major redpill was in Iraq I saw the total media silence about how US troops would kill Iraqi civilians who they mistook for suicide bombers (hey, you only have a fraction of a second to make a life-or-death choice), that struck me as a really important detail of US-Iraqi relationships that just never made it to any MSM outlet ever (rare exception of something they wanted to trot out like Haditha or the Blackwater guys). Once I realized the MSM was actually capable of coordinating to hush up a major story I realized they were capable of coordinating to push whatever narrative they wanted.

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and fucking obama slobbered all over the shithead

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Obama judged the color of his skin not the content of his character.

You all know MLKs line was meant for white consumption only, right? He had no intention of black people not judging white people for being white.

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I'm not necessarily saying you're wrong on this, but do you have a source for it? Those in-the-know already know MLK was a raging hypocrite (Pastor enjoying his whores, and all), but I'm curious to see a concrete source for what I have only seen rumors alleged of, in the past.

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livin in and lovin that double standard. enjoy it. it proves you are weak and stupid

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I am still surprised Obama's dick didn't break his pant line; he must have had ot taped to his thigh.

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"Cool lawsuit dismissal, Ahmed. Want to stop pulling race-baiting bullshit? We should inspire more kids to try to smear shit on this country. It's what makes America great."

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Awwww, poor wittle thing-! His awful family was sooo convinced they were going to become Instant Millionaires ® from playing lawsuit lottery, AND that they would be heroes throughout the entire islamic world, as the ones who ended the right of Americans to criticize islam via fear of ruinous lawsuits. And now it's all come to nothing. My heart pumps purple panther piss out of sympathy for the poor things!

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Came to less than nothing, the defamation suits got thrown out and the Dad is on the hook for the defendant's lawyer fees.

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Too tired to google it, but I know I've read claims that HRC promised her Saudi donors that once elected , she would try to quash criticism of islam and moslems. To be fair, she didn't say she would ban it , just that she would see to it that "peer pressure" and "public shaming" tactics would be used against "islamophobic" speech, but still...Can you imagine what would eventually happen if that POS was in the WH? If some imitator of Clock Boy in, say, MN or CA tried this-?

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Thank God, if this had been in California we might be looking at a payout and laws against anti-Islam speech like in Canada

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they still got attention and benefited from it... :/

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clock boy should be in federal prison for faking a bomb threat in a government building.

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If it was a white boy who was making threats with a hoax bomb, then that is where he would have ended up.

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If we had a an uncucked white American president instead of the mud race loving Obama, he would be out of the country.

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LOL. I doubt that. Hell Trump can't stand up for anti-Turkey folks because Trump sucked erdogan's dick.

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maybe those pussy Texan kids in his school should have beat the shit out of him

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Fucking Obama had the little bastard at the white house to show us how hatefully Islamophobic we are. Worst, most divisive, most anti-American POTUS ever! Jimmy Carter sleeps better at night now.

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but muh cool black president

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Deport Kebab.

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You mis-spelled "Remove"

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You mis-spelled "Exterminate"

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Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Mohamed

so, i guess they're not real creative with names, aye?

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Seriously I'm starting to think it's so they can blend in with a crowd of other Mohameds. Must be insanely difficult in Sweden and Germany to find the rapist when all 300 men living in a complex have the same fucking name

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Pretty easy to be the most common name in the world if some people use the name two or three times...

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They can McGuyver explosives out of scrap ... but toilet paper eludes them.

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that's what the left hand is for! ew. imma left-hander.

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