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Hint: This has little to do with the schools.

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It's even worse than the headline if you watch the video:


There was a 91% failure rate, where 165 out of 185 students scored the lowest possible rating, and at $16,000 per student a year, the 4th highest per capita in America, this can only be explained from a demographics point of view, both student and teachers.

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And/or massive corruption within the school system.

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so what's next? the mirror test?

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Back in the '60's, Dr. William Shockley (Nobel winner, invented the transistor) pointed out that among kneegrows, the more stupid of them were out-breeding the (relatively) smarter ones. It is out of control today. I doubt the average IQ among kneegrows is actually 85...prolly more like around 75. There is simply no hope of educating this type of individual. We have to begin looking at how we are going to separate ourselves from this dangerous and all-destroying group. I don't care about them too much but I do care about white people, and we have to begin thinking about things from the perspective of what is best for us.

My wife used to teach in public school. She always said she taught two foreign languages--algebra and English. She has some stories.

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Some populations are more vulnerable to dysgenics. The more r-selected populations clearly are, as they rely on large amounts of freely available resources. Like rabbits or algae.

They will replicate as much as needed until a resource crash and a die-off.

Simple evolutionary mechanics: Reproductive ability is far more useful than IQ under conditions of resource abundance.

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This is by design. I had no clue how stupid people were until I started looking. There's an interesting idea called the Penrose square root law. Very relevant to this discussion.

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But dey wuz kangz n sheeit

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They need more money for them programs.

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Can't cure a genetic problem, kid.

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This isn't a genetic problem. Africans have reasonably good verbal skills and are completely educable in reading, writing, and typing. They are also trainable in basic algebra and geometry, which is quite useful in the trades.

These scores reflect the complete and total failure of the schools in question.

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No, you're naive. Niggers, especially the north american pavement ape, has no desire to learn, be part of a productive society or better themselves. Maybe if you wish hard enough, the well spoken, clean and employed niggers you see on all the TV commercials will become reality.

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Wouldn't want them to have school choice... and get a real education...

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School choice is an imperative, but as someone else suggested this probably isn't just a case of shitty teachers.

Show me a school district where parents actually care about their kids education, and I'll show you a functional school district.

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Yep, exactly. It's not just a vapid PSA, good education starts at home. This is what you get when a culture considers getting an education as "being white" (i.e., a negative thing) and "getting uppity".

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No, we really would NOT want them to have school choice. Because then they will be destroying my children's schools, too.

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Either the proficiency standards are too high or the tests are racially biased or there is a social disadvantage or there is a food desert or there is a gerrymandered district or there is an underrepresented class or there is welfare fraud or there is new math or there is an Ebonics transcendentalism.

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The funny thing is, with the never ending list of reasons given for why blacks are failing at life, what is effectively being said is "blacks cannot surmount obstacles to success of any kind or severity".

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They obviously need more money. I mean that always fixes this right. How about a larger federal influence too.

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