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Atlanta is hardly the only place where this is happening. As Nick Sibilla points out in Forbes, federal courts have rejected similar arguments from taxi companies looking for bailouts in Boston, Chicago, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and New York City. Courts elsewhere should do the same.

If taxi medallion owners made a bad investments because they wrongly believed they could use the government to restrict competition and inflate the value of those investments, well, they were wrong. And there's no good reason why the taxpayers of Georgia should have to bail them out for making a bad investment.


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Let's not forget it's the government that was in the wrong here, for demanding millions of dollars to run a fucking taxi service.

Medallions are not "investments", they are a tax scheme. If that scheme weren't in place Uber wouldn't have had an advantage at all

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Yup. Taxi drivers -got- are getting screwed and morons here think they are guilty of being unable to compete with wall street hedge fund run uber and other unethical companies that just showed up without any oversight or rules. And yet wall street gets bailed out daily. Americans are a special kind of stupid. Its imbarrasing.

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Why do either taxi companies or uber need oversight and special rules to give people rides in cars? The answer is for the government to stop screwing traditional taxi companies, not to neuter Uber.

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They're not 'too big to fail' aka so big as to yield a disproportionate amount of political power.

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That state has been expanding public transit in many more rural areas also so that probably took a chunk away and with all the deportations I'm sure their customer count is lower