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Anybody with an IQ above room temperature knows that everything the media says is carefully manicured lie designed to manipulate gullible people.

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Yet the high IQ ones are buying this hook, line and sinker. I would say that the popularity to fetishize scientism has led many people to trust authorities unconditionally because they are "the authorities". Use an auto mechanic as an example. Yes, he knows more than you about your car, but everybody with a brain knows he's also trying to make as much money from you as you'll allow. The mentality to trust, but verify, should be prevalent in all aspects of our lives, yet people apply it to so little.

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The readers have a lot to lose by questioning whether their distinguished paper of record is actually propaganda, that would make them fools for ever believing it was news. More importantly, news sources are a part of identity for many people, they feel better about themselves when an authority confirms their beliefs.

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I've read that high IQ correlates with more extreme political views. It's not that they really believe it, its that they understand it's their role to disseminate it, regardless of truth.

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"high IQ" or more accurately (((high IQ)))

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Pretty rich from a guy who spent time in jail for stealing from his shareholders

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Stealing from shareholders is common practice for the elite. Conrad Black was naive and thought just because he was rich he was part of the club, then he fucked the wrong shareholders and learned he was not part of the real upper class..

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Ah, so now he's taking some of the Elites down with him. Nice!

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The MSM is starting to make me very angry. Yes, more people are becoming red pilled as their nonsense gets more and more extreme, but there are still many people who's only news is coming from these outlets. They have no idea they are being manipulated and straight up lied to. They are being constantly bombarded by this false narrative with little exposure to the other side's arguments.

I'm not sure exactly what the solution is. We have to respect free speech, the news networks should be allowed to say what they want (assuming it doesn't cross the libel line into straight up slander, which I could argue has already been crossed).

Maybe this issue will resolve itself in the next 5-10 years. Cable TV is going to eventually go away and be completely replaced by the internet. That should force people to put a bit more thought into where they get their news from, and provide a lot more alternative options.

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I try to stay positive about it. Historically speaking, we're doing pretty good. Every society throughout history has had to deal with propaganda to some extent, but none of them had the internet and it's ability to so quickly destroy the narrative. Like you said, cable is on the way out, and so are the generations who get their information exclusively from cable.

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Aggressively confront their bullshit. If you see it being peddled, online or in person, say something. You don't even need to reveal your true beliefs, just play concern troll about how they're destroying their credibility (which they are) with all these blatantly false stories.

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That should force people to put a bit more thought into where they get their news from, and provide a lot more alternative options.

No it won't. Facebook is already "the Internet" for most people just like AOL's walled garden. Can't comment on most sites without a Facebook login either. Zuck is heavily influenced by his chink beard and wants Facebook to be the equivalent of a national ID and "social credit" system like they have in Beijing. Already, ISPs are starting to get on board with plans to block sites like Voat and 4chan as a "free market" workaround to the U.S. government blocking them (which they can't, because of the 1A). Canada, where this paper is published, can block Voat if they wanted to, because they have the loosely-interpreted "hate speech" laws similar to the U.K.

Furthermore, Ontario -- heavily left-wing and the province where Parliament is located in Ottawa -- has an undue influence on the rest of the country. It'd be like if Washington D.C. was in California or New York. Their Kafkaesque star-chamber "human rights tribunals" are a laboratory for what is eventually supposed to encompass the rest of Canada -- and Canada is considered a laboratory for Democratic policies that eventually seep down here. Gruber spent an inordinate amount of time studying their healthcare policy, for instance. Gay marriage passed in Massachusetts the same year it became national up north. Obama and Trudeau's "bromance" included comparing notes on Bill C-16 so they could both satisfy their tranny fetish.

If the Democrats had their way, Canada would have 50 more provinces under the Liberal Party's purview. Failing to achieve actual annexation, their goal is to make us as close in policy and practice to the ideal Atlantic socialist state as possible. That social-credit thing from China that Zuck (who plans on running for president in the near future) admires? Well, who else do we know that has a fondness for "China's basic dictatorship" and thinks Gamergate is a threat to national security? His wife was a presenter on Quebec public television where she talked about (what else) feminism, and his brother is a propagandist for the ayatollah on Press TV. Trudeau is as much a deep-state media shill as all the other incestuous politician/journo relationships at ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/WaPo/NYT/every other outlet in Hillaryland and Silicon Valley.

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Perhaps it is a byproduct of shaky economic times. Journalists have to do what they are told and the msm have a business model that is working, albeit, hanging by a thread, but working nonetheless. When a country experiences better economic times and when even the working class can support a family, then integrity can be brought back to journalism. Journalists today should be ashamed of what their profession has become.

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So are they in Canada. Communist Broadcasting Channel runs fluff pieces about adorable refugees and Comrade Justin's Star Wars socks while the country goes bankrupt and lets in subhuman garbage to pad the rolls with Liberal votes.

$2B/year for this shit. This is why we Merkins don't want PBS.

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He's just butthurt that he's not the one in control of the media now. I do agree with what he said though.

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Fallax media.

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you lose the privilege of calling others dishonest when you're an actual lying shitbag yourself. someone should fill him in.

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It's amazing what spending some time in jail will do to change a man's perception.

All the elites need to be locked up and get BLACKED!

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