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a lot of the stories I read were trying to portray him as being dui. that doesn't look like a dui to me...

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yes this looks very controlled and deliberate

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I would keep an open mind about this and not judge yet....that said the mainstream media is bullshit, so unless the guy changes his facebook page to ISIS flags and yells into the camera/microphone a couple of al-Lala-ackbars the lame dinosaur media will rarely say 'islamist terrorism'....that said it might not be terror, he did have a history of DUI but this is not drink, he tested 0.0 alcohol. The guy might also be some crazyass angry stoner paranoid drugged out on whatever nasty plastic shit he smoked that day. A lot of info is leaking out on internet forums, liveleak, blogs, twitter....What we do know... levels of Synthetic Cannabinoids (K2/Spice) synthetic marijuana in his body, he had a history of criminality, drug habbit, Voices. He heard voices. may have taken drugs like K2 and Spice, reports say he tested positive for PCP, violent guy with mental health issues....'drugs' are kind of a taboo subject in the media, everyone on CNN, Fox, BBC might talk about an angry white male and talk about banning all alcohol marijuana, and banning cars from pavements...a far more simple story to spin....oh yeah and the media may remind you he was former Naval electrician....so Navy bad, ban cars, ban white male and 'Gun Control'...truth will probably come out eventually, my guess is he's a fucked up dude, serious end of the world mental issues and his dealers were selling him poison which turned him into a psycho zombie and maybe he should be charged with mass murder, was said to be involved in violence before and allegedly told police “the end of the world was coming.” Photos of the asshole http://www.webgrio.com/news/33337-troubled-history-of-times-square-driver-richard-rojas.html

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We may never know the motives of the ISIS extremist killer

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He has been arrested a number of times in recent years, spent time in a military prison and was eventually discharged from the US Navy following disciplinary problems.

Friends have said he was never the same after leaving the Navy. They say his paranoia took over as he started drinking heavily and smoking marijuana and that he often spoke about 'conspiracies, demons and devils'.

Not sure what to make of it. Sounds like the guy was just off his rocker. Or, could have been radicalized in prison, but I think those types usually start posting heavy support for ISIS and the like such as the case of Pulse Nightclub shooter.

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Lying is what media does.

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I haven't read an American article on this yet, although Aussie media is saying he was on PCP at the time and that god told him to do it. Also, that he was ex-navy with 4 priers priors including intimidation using a weapon.

Edit: priers to priors. Sorry crew :)


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I heard synthetic cannabinoids were the intoxicant. All this tells me is to be suspicious of both narratives.

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LOL if that was an accident then I'm fucking Muhammed. I'm literally the prophet and Santa Claus and I like to fuck little pigs.

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It's strange that the media tried to cover it up.

Are we sure this Richard guy was the driver?

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Maybe his car was remotely taken over. Thats a possibilty

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Hes brown chances are thats bullshit.

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From what I've seen the guy is being charged with murder and that is how the media is covering it. The media sucks enough without lying about it sucking. Silly claims like this just run the risk of not being taken seriously when pointing out actual media mis- and malfeasance.

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Seriously, where is the media lying about this? ABC's report is right on the money. Not an accident, shows the criminal, the guy who tackled him, shows the same footage the youtube link did. http://abcnews.go.com/US/suspect-deadly-times-square-crash-faces-murder-attempted/story?id=47509610

NY Times kinda sucks but still says not an accident: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/18/nyregion/times-square-crash.html?_r=0

CNN also sucks, no pic of criminal but not an accident: http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/18/us/new-york-times-square-car-pedestrians/

BBC is pretty good, shows criminal, victim, some aftermath, but no video of the incident taking place. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39971309

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He's probably talking about the immediate reaction which was to call this a drunk driving accident.

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As someone who never intentionally watches news. All I heard about it was that it was a dui. The only reason I know it wasn't just a dui is that I spend obscene amounts of time on the internet. Casuals don't.

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The reason everyone thinks it is a DUI is because the very first reports said he had multiple DUI and before the video the assumption was he just ran straight into the crowd. Casuals always base what they "know" on the first (and usually only) report they read. That is their stupidity and nobody else should take it on as theirs.

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The media has been doing nothing but lying to the American people, colluding with the global elite in an attempt to manipulate minds for their tyrannical political agenda. This is what happens when media trust goes to an all time low like it is now. You shouldn't believe anything at this point and should make assumptions because that's how bad our media is.

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The "media" is past the point of no return. They have no credibility at this point. My impulse is to immediately assume the media is lying. They might get a little truthy once in a while, but they already have a big credibility gap.

No, when I read an article by corporate media, I have to re-source it with several other sources not part of the alphabet media circus.

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I think people are totally desensitized. They have accepted Muslims occasionally blow shit up or kill people.

Sad. Thank god for trump.

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Trump needs to fucking get to work, otherwise it's president Warren in a few years. Really needs to get the purges going properly and take a good swing to the right. Centrism will destroy him.

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He's early enough in his term to test the waters at least.

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Yes, ThankGodForTrump. TGFT!!

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Wasn't it a white dude?

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Nope a spic. Not even a light skinned spic, he was as brown as fried rice.

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I have no idea, I haven't followed the story. If it was a white guy, it would be 1/1000000000000000000000 chance.

It's always a Muslim

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I did not get the impression from any of the new coverage that it was an accident. Maybe the early reports were worded that way, but it was clear from the eye witness accounts that this was deliberate.

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Early on the media was suggesting it was a drunk driver, now they are trying to say he was on drugs.

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Not sure how reliable this is, but I read that the guy was trying to commit suicide by cop: http://nypost.com/2017/05/18/times-square-maniac-told-cops-i-wanted-to-kill-them/

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In the beginning they said there was no "clear evidence of terrorism" but I don't remember seeing anything that said it was just an accident.

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So it was a deliberate attempted mass murder by a disgruntled... what?

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No one is reporting it as an accident at this point. That's obviously the minor detail they want you to circlejerk about. If it's real, it's clearly not an accident. If you really don't trust the mainstream media you need to ask whether it's real or not in the first place.

They definitely have the video footage this time, at least the CCTV footage, but there have been so many fake car/truck attacks in recent years I have doubts. Or maybe it's because I actually don't trust the mainstream media, I don't just say I don't trust them.

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