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No reason to respect their culture when ours cannot/wont be respected. About time we have a family in the white house who wont bend the knee.

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ugh...disgusting nigger.

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Username even better than the comment.

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Did that gorilla Michelle ever sport a headscarf?

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Of course not, only women have to wear them silly.

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Do you think Mr Trump will bend over when he finalises the arms deal? Will King Saud give him a reach around?

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President Trump you disrespectful cunt

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What are the specifics of the arm deal? Do you even know?

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“We welcome any style in clothing,” Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister, Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir told the media on Thursday

Sounds a bit like bullshit to me.

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Sounds like we are getting them to live by mutual values. If they won't conform in our culture we shouldn't be expected to conform in theirs.

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C'mon man, this is a country with a council on woman's rights.....that is composed entirely of men.

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Murica fuck yah

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Fuckin'-A right! Stand proud, don't kowtow to these barbarian pedophile followers. Scourge of the Earth.

[–] Ozzsanity 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago 

Scourge of the earth and yet Donny chose them to make his first foreign visit. Care to offer a reason.

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To snub jews and pedo priests. We meet with the mudslimes first, that's how much we despise you.

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Playing ball. Pandering. Going with the safe political move. An attempt to get the media off his back. Any of those would suffice for me.

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Probably because ISIS is the #1 foreign priority.. and SA leading a Middle eastern NATO style alliance is the key to containing Iran and defeating ISIS.

The "first foreign visit" is symbolic bullshit.. This President doesn't do symbolism as far as I can tell

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Why are we dealing with a culture that can't even control their sexual urges because a woman shows off her hair?

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We simply shouldn't. Saudi's BTFO

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I mean does the US even need Saudi oil anymore? Between what Canada provides, and the fact that fracking has made the US an oil powerhouse again, why not say fuck them?

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If she did, it should be something sheer and stylish that would fuck with their perception.

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The men there are so repressed they likely will all start fainting at the sight of a real woman.

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no they rape them. then stone them to death for being whores. Islam is cancer.

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You do know these rich mudslimes wear high fashion under those black robes, right? They buy more hand made french lingerie, hand made italian shoes and bespoke jewelry than any other culture. At home they are fashionistas and sex fiends.

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I was thinking go ahead and wear the headscarf, then just a nice g-string bikini to go with it.

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This is our first lady.

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Yay Melania!

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Feminists cheer.

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