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fucking refugees are not citizens and have no say. they need to shut the fuck up and die.

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they want to mutilate their kids so bad, send them home.

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Circumcision is also child genital mutilation.

The foreskin is one of the most sensitive parts of the penis. A circumsized child will never know what sex should feel like.

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I will never forgive my parents

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FGM removed the entire clitoris, that would be like removing the entire penis.

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Fucking excuse for a bacteria lint trap if you ask me.. and all the women I've ever talked to about it clowned, said they are carrot dicks and smell funny,lol. All of them.. fuck beenies, helmets over here.. just clownin

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Sure, it's another travesty started by Semites, go figure. That being said, to compare the two as morally equal is a false equivalency. It's not at all hard to determine which is the greater evil, its not even close

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Wow wow wow slow down there m8. Who am I going to feel superior to without them.

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I volunteer as shitty tribute.

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Uh oh, better just let the kids keep getting mutilated, we wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings now would we.

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Genital mutilation is pretty bad... But I think you're forgetting about mutilated feelings. Above all else we must protect the feelings of the mutilators!

That's the message I'm supposed to be seeing from this news, right?

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They can stick their feelings up their little asses. Wrapped in bacon 🥓

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I get so sick of hearing this shit all the time. Children this and children that. Children, children children. Who will think of the children? Children have advocates up the butt. Let's focus on something real.

Who will advocate on behalf of Muslim refugees with hurt feelings because people point out what shitty people they are? Huh? Who is helping with this calamity?

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God I hate Minnesota. The people here are more concerned with making refugees feel good than their own well being. God forbid we protect the little girls who are being abused here...wouldn't want to offend the Muslims now would we?!

The Swedes have struck again. I truly think this is all due to the overwhelming Scandinavian make-up of this state. Mark my words: Minnesota will be Sweden 2.0

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I truly think this is all due to the overwhelming Scandinavian make-up of this state.

Demographics is destiny.

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So technically Middle East Shithole 3.0?

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Ah yes this is true, thank you for correcting me, you magnificent bastard!

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Minnesota nice only works in a homogeneous society.

Their only hope is to dress up Babe as a pig to scare them off.

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Not just niceness... The social welfare setup many liberals want i think could work, nut not if you are allowing illigals and rapeugees in by thr boat load who thrn mooch off the rest of us.

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got that right!

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I am of Scandinavian blood. I am proud of what we used to be and what could have been. Thing is, globalists can't have high functioning independent societies. So begins the sabotage. The results of which we have today.

It is time to shake off the shackles of the shekel. Destroy and rebuild for a better tomorrow. The NWO must die NOW for the freedom of like minded, well meaning peoples to endure and prosper.

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Wouldn't educating the parents be pretty easy? Dear parents, its a felony to do this, if you do it you can go to jail for a long time. Boom, you're educated.

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No torture, no mutilation, no rape, no murder if this is the kind of education they need are they really the kind of people we want?

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I can't disagree with you.

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If they're anything like the rapefugees going to Europe, 80% of them can't read in their native language, and they have an average IQ in the high 70's. If you can't teach them basic things, good luck teaching them things that go against their religious beliefs.

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They think they have a right to rape steal from & kill non Muslims.

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Somalis don't understand niceness. They understand violence or the threat of violence.

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Now get over it or go back home.

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Bill against human rights violations receives opposition from those committing them....

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They say they worry about families arriving from places where the practice is deeply rooted.

Remind me again why we are importing these moronic savages here?

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Because we need division diversity!

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Because gay people don't have children and the democrats need a fast growing population to vote for them.

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also no one will fuck fat ass feminists so they aren't having kids either.

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why are these people still coming in? What are we going to do about the (((judges))) who keep blocking Trumps constitutionally endowed right to control importation of people who have a reasonable threat to the cultural integrity of the United States.

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nevermind national security

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We'll follow the rules, it's the only way. Maybe handle these things at the state level and much as possible to bypass shithead jurisdiction. I know that'll leave states like this one up shit creek but at least we'll be making progress. The federal slog can continue at a slower pace, impeded by regressives.

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Cool, this way we know who to deport!

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