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America needs to purge itself of its islamic invasion and the globalists that are enabling it.

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Go back to the_donald, everyone knows the globalists are the wealthy Zionist Jewish bankers; globalism is even part of their religious prophecy. America needs to purge the whitehouse of the Jewish deep-state.

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Big fucking surprise, said nobody ever.

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A muslim with a bomb, you don't believe it...

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Abdullah N. Alrifahe, 27, and Majid N. Alrifahe, 26, both of Minneapolis, were arrested May 11 after police had reason to search their car and found a hand grenade, handgun, several assault rifles and magazines and a large quantity of ammunition, according to the police report. They also found cellphones, drone parts, computers and electronics devices capable of igniting a bomb.

Ok a legit hand grenade but otherwise "bomb-making devices" is the same bullshit as "assault weapon". Does your cellphone have a vibrate mode? Congratulations! You are in possession of a "bomb-making device".

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Abdullah N. Alrifahe, 27, and Majid N. Alrifahe, 26, both of Minneapolis,

of Minneapolis


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How the fuck do you get a hand grenade?

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Lol, I agree we need to be careful about generalities. Were they actually bomb making devices? We should be careful. But let's not write off the hand grenade that they just casually had in their car. These guys probably are an issue.

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Then why is the picture a semi-automatic civilian AK clone?

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Those were for peaceful religious purposes only.

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Oh look. Muslims being Muslims. Shocking.

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We should rape them all to death.

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