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Weird that they were so into alternative bullshit yet they didn't breastfeed their kid. They must have been super flaky.

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Nipples probably had so many piercings in them they didn't work anymore.

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Good point, that does fuck up a woman's ability to breastfeed.

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Possibly she couldn't produce milk. I mean those diets don't usually supply all the necessary fats and proteins that a human being needs to thrive, and her body probably shut down breast milk production as a result.

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Another good point. That's actually pretty likely considering their diet was so bad it killed their infant.

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Tough to say what 'diet' they were aiming for.

If they thought their kid was lactose intolerant, why not Goats milk? Anyway, these people are reteards

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she probably likened it to being on a dairy farm or some shit so out of solidarity with the cows boycotted breast milk. But then they also probably had an alternative doctor telling them that breast milk makes your child a white supremacist

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Can confirm. Had breast milk - am white supremacist.

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Could be. Look at me, I was breastfed and now I'm a white supremacist.

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I mean I was breastfed and I love hitler now

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breastfeeding has become too mainstream. Gotta stay on top of the latest hipster child-care trends.

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ya that is what i was thinking, newborns constantly have digestive problems because their tiny tummys are growing, they don't know how to properly fart or burp on their own, my heart just breaks that this child was starving to death ...so sick how can people be so dumb

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Real parent detected

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under fed him no mention of calories per day

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No, he was literally starved to death, not just deprived of nutrients.

And yes, they are brain dead. My daughter was fed breast milk for her first year. She too developed colic, which is what I think they meant by "cramps". Human babies are born very young, and their little digestive systems sometimes take time to mature. Luckily my daughter gained weight in spite of issues with colic and projectile vomiting.

Had they gone to an actual doctor and not had shit for brains, the kid would have been fine. Although, he probably would have killed himself later because his parents are such morons life would likely be unbearable.

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Natural selection works, folks.

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Yeah, it's just too bad this poor little guy had to suffer for 7 months.

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Not nearly fast enough.

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If someone feels so bad about their environmental impact or consumption of food made with slave labor or whatever, that they refuse to feed their baby and themselves a proper diet, I wonder why they don't just kill themselves. Instead of making MORE humans that they are just going to torture with their self-hating ideology.

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Well, the weird thing is, breast milk is the most natural thing you can give to a baby. A breast milk allergy is incredibly rare, almost unheard of. Even if she weren't able to breast feed, you can buy banked breast milk.

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Totally agree. That's why I think these people deserve bullets in their heads.

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Some places you can even get it donated to you. All the person asks is for replacement bags.

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you can buy banked breast milk.

Yep my wife, would donate her extra.

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breast feeding and parents who can think. best thing for babies.

had to add these people are disgusting. when your baby is not thriving, you take them to a doctor. they need to be locked up.

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His mother, named only as Sandrina V, said in tears: “Sometimes he gained a little weight, sometimes he lost a little. We never wished for the death of our son.”

are you fucking kidding me? The 7 month old weighed 9 pounds! Thats the same weight as a newborn!

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Yeah, 7 month olds should weigh 16-18lbs... these people are retarded.

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This is so heartbreaking. they are not better than scum who beat their children.

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People believe their own bullshit. You and I do it too. They loved their baby, and nothing all of us internet warriors say or do to them is worse than what they are already experiencing.

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Well they should go to prison for their negligence. I know they feel bad but they also need to pay for what they did to that poor baby.

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"The parents determined their own diagnosis "

they should be facing charges for murder the fucking braindead twats

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I'm sorry but anyone with half a brain knows a 7 month old that weighs 9lbs needs to see a doctor. I don't care what your belief system is that's straight negligence.

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They literally starved their baby (of nutrition) to death.

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This is murder. These people would have to consciously ignore every shred of common sense, as well as their animal instincts that would SCREAM for them to seek help for their baby.

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