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as much as i disagree with both of these groups, i don't like the idea of outright silencing them. Starting shit at protests? arrest and prosecute the fuck out of them, but if they have a message and can conduct themselves appropriately, by all means.

little too much idealism? yeah i see it too.. the irony is im usually a pretty cynical sumbitch

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If there wasn't so much violence and mayhem associated with them I would be more inclined to agree with you.

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They make the same claims about the groups they oppose (albeit with less veracity). A group shouldn't be outlawed for being associated with violence unless their expressed purpose is violence which, I grant you, may be true for some antifa or BLM groups. If we start outlawing their right to free speech then this can be used as justification for prohibiting your free speech as well. For that reason I think no one's free speech should be prohibited unless you're inciting violence, so that these disagreements can be decided through the public discourse.

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You're in luck then, this post is mislabeled as fuck.

The law simply secures freedom of speech for any group on campus, basically they can't discriminate when it comes to speakers, facility access, etc.

It also forces them to use the legal definition of harassing speech, instead of their commie, bullshit version.

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Tennessee also just passed a law providing free community college to adults. It's as if the entire state is collectively trolling the left.

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The title is misleading. The law (here to go to 8-page law), on first read, does not ban BLM or Antifa, but prevents them and Universities from colluding to stop the free speech of others, like we've been seeing at Berkley.

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Did you read the article? They're not being silenced. It's the faggy school administrators that are no longer allowed to shut down speakers or gatherings because muh leftism. This is a good first step. The next step will be to arrest and charge antifa and blm protesters with the actual crimes they're committing, but that's a job for the police and is a whole nother issue.

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Based Tennessee

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well damn, first TN says I don't have to stop for protesters in the road, now this? fucking proud to be a Tennessean today!

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3x hurray for the Tennesseans!

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I am seriously considering settling down in Tennessee after im done with college in new York

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Nashville if you like living in the city. Knoxville if you like football. Stay away from Memphis unless you like ghettos and breathing poison. For small towns, you can pretty much throw a dart at a map and hit one. East TN is mountainous. Good for outdoorsy stuff. Middle and west is pretty flat. We will make fun of your accent but it's all in good fun.

edit:Chattanooga is a good mix of city/country. Plus is has the fastest internet in the country. I lived there for a bit about 10years ago.

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That law gives you certain protections from civil suits if you accidentally hit someone who was hanging out in the middle of the road.

It doesn't let you force your way through or intentionally hit protesters.

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The headline is misleading. The law isn't banning certain groups of people, it's banning any group of people from silencing and impeding others.

BLM and Antifa would be banned only in the sense that it may be impossible for them to obey this law in the presence of those with whom they disagree. Because without the use of their favorite tools of discourse (shouting, violence, mayhem, intimidation), they don't have anything else to bring to the table from what I've seen.

Text of bill.

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Good. Fucking terrorist ass mother fuckers.

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Chimpout when? Then the chimps will chimp out over chimps being arrested, and then chmips will chimp over those chimps, creating a chimpception.

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Good. I'm tired of pussies dressing like ISIS and covering their faces so they can chimp out.

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