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I love this though. Donald Trump also had a silent majority of support. People who were either too scared or not willing to even hear the left's bullshit just kept quiet about political affiliation.

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Well, of course! These are women that don't want to be beaten and raped.

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It's funny to me how they always call Marine "far right".

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https://archive.is/8bxJH | https://vgy.me/e3aDYm.png :

French Elections: Marine Le Pen Backed By Quiet Army of Women - NBC News

'And for all her rebranding, Marine Le Pen can also fall back into the older, harsher style of messaging. ', "Were it to win, it would not have been an easy ride for a movement that peaked in 2002 when founder Jean Mari Le Pen — Marine Le Pen's father — reached the second and final round of the presidential election.", "But most of all, it was the party's charismatic leader, Marine Le Pen, who captured Troin's loyalty."

'It's what Cevipof professor and FN expert Nonna Mayer called the "Marine Le Pen effect."', "In the last presidential election in 2012 — the first with Marine Le Pen as leader — the party's gender gap closed to 1.5 percentage points."

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Sorry about the source.

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I'm amazed to see something on MSM about Le Pen that is not a bash.

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Use the enemy's own sources against them!