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Sanctuary Cities Face Aid Cuts as Justice Dept. Tightens Screws - The New York Times

'Hanson was a top aide to Senator Richard Shelby, Republican of Alabama; Mr. '

'Other jurisdictions sent the letters included the State of California; both Chicago and Cook County, where the city is located; the cities of New Orleans, Philadelphia and Las Vegas; and Miami-Dade and Milwaukee. '

'Each of the letters was worded similarly and signed by Alan R. Hanson, the acting director of the Office of Justice Programs, which administers the Byrne law enforcement grant program, the federal government’s top source of justice funding for local jurisdictions. '

'Hanson wrote. '

'The letters followed remarks by Attorney General Jeff Sessions last month that signaled an intent to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities that do not work with the federal government in deporting undocumented immigrants who encounter the police. '

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