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2 doctors out of God knows how many of these shitskins who were forced upon the local community and into the USA


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“What do you think? It’s disgusting,” McCarty said. “I mean, it’s terrible.”

So the neighbor is shocked and surprised that her immigrant doctor next door is committing this violent practice on American children.

WHY IS SHE SHOCKED? She knows they are Muslims. So why is she shocked?

She is shocked because the MSM, instead of telling Americans and Westerners the truth about Islam, has chosen, VERY DELIBERATELY, to lie about what Islam is and what it demands of its followers.

Embassy Title Agency Inc. owner Kate McCarty’s SHOCK is the product of a US News media that has hidden certain truths from her.

McCarthy is the victim of a Media that has nothing but contempt for Western Values, History, and all of the West's noble achievements for the betterment of all mankind.

The MSM is the enemy, is a collaborator for these barbarians. The Media acts as an ally with whatever force represents a threat to the cultural foundations of the West. They love the "exotic" and hate that which seems mundanely decent.

The Journalists want to be worldly and cosmopolitan and unburdened by the absolutes that having moral principles can entail. And if children are mutilated in a systemic fashion, by some foreign cult, who are they to complain when -> Colonialism and Howard Zinned? Complaining must be the greatest Zinn of all, surely?

The Journalists, and the Editors that select them, have been conducting the equivalent of a Black Bloc window-smashing riot through their fake stories and selective censorship of facts. They have been trashing the West and the USA with maniacal zeal for 4 decades. And it is all built around the promotion of the "DIVERSITY" agenda. They want the tension and in-group bias and barbarism of imported cultures to overwhelm the West, their neighbors, the "System". They want chaos. They want to "Tear it Down", and they don't, themselves, really think much beyond that goal.

On a very personal level, these writers and editors get a rush when they flood the USA with dead-weight migrants and violently incompatible cultures. It feels like generosity to them. It feels like they are fighting a battle of good vs selfishness. But they, themselves, sacrifice nothing tangible. They don't see the impact on their own futures. They don't know their fellow Americans. They see it as ok if their own neighbors suffer, 'cuz, ya know, the migrants have it so much worse! So bring it here!! MOAR MIGRANTS! MOAR MIGRANTS! We need more diversity 'cuz kibab and falafel are "exotic".


And it feels good to be so virtuous as to only care about people you don't know the first thing about and ignore all the evil that these imported cultures represent.


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Meanwhile, are the Medical Boards taking note, yanking the licenses of these assholes, these scum of the earth Muslims?

Or are they carrying the water for Cultural Marxism, too?


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Barbaric practice for a barbaric people.


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Enjoy your time in prison! I hope they cut your dick off after they rape you.


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What about male mutilation?


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In a perfect world the parents would be shipped to Sudan or Somalia (don't care if that is where
they are really from or not, those are just a couple of shit holes I know of), the "doctors" and all
those involved hung by the neck until dead, their bodies ground up and used to feed the sharks
off the coast of Sudan and Somalia, and the girls that suffered this taken care of by people who
would love them and give them the best chance they could have.
At the same time an investigation is launched that would examine all medical offices / clinics
that would be suspect of carrying out these types of barbaric mutilations. Those found guilty
of such practices would suffer the above punishments.
But then again I am under no such illusion that this would even be considered.

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