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Nigger's attorney trying to suggest "Wax" makes people violent..... Wtf, I can't think of very many people who could take two solid hits off some decent wax and want to do much of anything but sit there and grin.... The shit is literally the most potent form of cannabis, THC or CBD you can get, it makes the 80% THC vape-sticks feel kinda week.... It's so damn potent you take away someone's wax who's been using it for a while, and replace it with the best Sour Diesel you can find, and the Sour Diesel is going to feel week.....

Fucking dumb nigger, gonna throw wax under a buss to try to save his own ass. If that fucker would have hit some wax he would've chilled the fuck out.

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Some African tourists were visiting Colorado and one of them went apeshit and started murdering his friends. The media blamed it on weed cookies.

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Good ole PC.

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I think sword slaying are pretty rare in America

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