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School board president arrested for child porn in California | Reuters.com

'Parents in Buena Park, California, outraged after learning that their school board president Brian Chambers has been arrested on suspicion of trafficking child pornography. ', "The school board held a special meeting Thursday, to discuss the case with the district's lawyer."

'Even though authorities say there is no evidence that children in Buena Park were victims, parents are demanding justice. '

'Police arrested Chambers on Wednesday at his home, where they say they seized a device containing thousands of child pornographic videos and images. (SOUNDBITE) (English) LARRY CARRILLO, PARENT, SAYING: "We entrust that when we send them to school, that's the safe zone." (SOUNDBITE) (English) CRYSIE QUINONES, PARENT, SAYING: "It's just it's just terrible."'

' Chambers faces arraignment on Friday. '

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ok you may not like this. but consider it for a second. who cares most? who has the most invested in the welfare of children? the person who has no romantic interest in children, or the person who does?

there is a common but obviously wrong assumption that people who are romantically interested in children do not have the children's interests at heart. that is obviously wrong. do you not have your wife/girlfriend's interest at heart? do you not care about the adult women that you are sexually attracted too? pedophiles treat children like you treat adults that you are sexually attracted towards. if you think she or he is hot and you want to do things for them so that they like you, so that their life and your life is better, than you understand the dynamic between children and pedophiles.

this guy is volunteering to help make children's lives better at school. he is wanted for images on his computer outside of school. do you think someone who is not romantically attracted to children can fill his shoes as well as he did? i don't think so. i think that he cares more than most people do. i think he has a type of motivation to help children that other people lack. i would agree that he is a potential threat to a very small minority of children, but that this is more than counterbalanced by the same drive that fuels that threat.

people are so fixated on the damage that pedophiles do that they don't count the help that pedophiles do. nobody else is more motivated to care, more motivated to look at the things that are really meaningful and to actually implement in the face of diversity and conflict what needs to be done to better the children.

you may love your own child. but you do not love children that have no relation to you half as much as a pedophile does. you would not be as good of a caretaker as they are. the reason for that comes down to motivation. pedophiles care more than you do about children who are not your own. you can try to claim otherwise, but you are either a liar, or ignorant, or a closet case pedophile.


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" pedophiles care more than you do about children who are not your own." Please tell that face to face to the parents of the 15 y.o. boy who committed suicide after being groomed and molested by his male neighbor now serving time in Coalinga State Mental Hospital as a convicted pedophile.


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he probably has shitty parents. he committed suicide after living 15 years with those shitty parents.