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As long as both sides of protesters get extra credit.

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They always ask for extra credit.

These kids can not pass a class without it.

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I've seen people posting in indignation when they were not allowed the option of extra credit. They seriously cannot fathom a professor who simply relies on the grades from what he assigns and tests. They think it is grossly unfair. I have no idea how prevalent that attitude is, but snowflakes like that do exist.

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I suspect it comes from the public school. They are so desperate to pass the kids that they make up extra credit for them to do.

Also it may be from the gen ed classes.

Always take your gen eds in the summer. That is when the sports ball teams take their gen eds so you are in classes with them. No one fails. no one. My psych class had unlimited extra credit options so that the foot ball players would not fail.

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Why the labor unions should have a chat with the Teachers Union if those students ever want to be employed. Jus' Sayin.'

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How the fuck is an anti-Trump protest teaching you any thing worthy of extra credits?.. More like brain-washed credits.. So then where are my credits if I protest antifa?..

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Not sure which Uni this is, but this seems to cover everyone in Washington state:

the University is required to remain politically neutral and cannot participate or intervene, directly or indirectly, in the campaign of any candidate or political party. Federal and state laws place limitations on political activity, lobbying activity, campaign activity, and other engagement with candidates, elected officials, and associated staff by employees of the University1.


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The email, containing a schedule of events for the “Day of Resistance,” then went on to ask faculty to “please support this effort in one or more of the following ways,” such as giving “students extra credit to attend events on their own,” discussing the history of the “May Day marches and rallies in [their] classrooms and [sharing] information about the 2017 Day of Resistance,” and even avoiding “assigning work that students cannot make up on May Day if they decide to join the immigrant march downtown.”


"You get extra credit for believing (or, at least, pretending to believe in) the same things I believe, and parroting my communist beliefs as if they were your own. Also, you will get the day off to promote the destruction of the white race at the illegal immigrant march."

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Cucks are unionized now?

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Well, until you take a couple of electrons away.

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so now the useful idiots are being payed with grades at school by a union.

that seems like part of a RICO case if I ever heard one.

especially since university teachers are being arrested for aggravated assault and battery, and are part of those unions...

what do I know though.