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Dear fellow white, ignore this. Go see one of my well crafted movies this weekend that will instruct in how awesome our multi-cultural future will be. - Ari, Chaim and Ben.

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Half breeds keep the worst traits :/ .

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You never know with the media. They could be doing this

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Didn't happen that often in the 20's

Wonder what has changed so much since then and how


Oh let me guess, now it's more reported right ?

Yeah nothing to see here

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Wonder what has changed so much since then

Back then we used to take these niggers out back and lynch 'em.

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...and without hesitation.

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Didn't happen that often in the 20's

what are you on about retard? the average person in the 20's was way more likely to be the victim of violent crime. this is the safest time to be alive in the states, hell even the whole world. your mind has been twisted son

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We're talking about out of control nigger violence in the US here, not about the mainstream, sanitized, feel good nothing narrative you've been fed with since birth, fucktard

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did anyone else check the other stories below this one? seems they are after whites and they like attacking the old people. what brave young men they are.

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they specifically focus on women, old people or the mentally/physically challenged. due to their chimp brains they see these groups and assume weakness. if you're in one of these groups you need to learn how to fight or preferably learn how to shoot people

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you know she wants to fucking call out niggers, but has to stop herself. We're all forced to stop ourselves from pointing out the fucking obvious.

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After the attack, a woman came forward and said she'd seen the suspect commit a similar crime at a theater :


Get a CCW license, and never leave home without being armed. If you're in a state with unconstitutional anti Second Amendment laws : MOVE. No matter what the cost or consequences, move to a place where you'll have a fighting chance at defending yourself.

The Cold Civil War is heating up...

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Classic Deshaun. Fuck is wrong with people? That's rhetorical.

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Nothing like getting enriched during a meal.

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