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15 year old post pubescent girl, pedophile.... i see you like the blue pill.

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OK, so this guy is 50, and she is 15, and you're OK with that? You don't think that qualifies as Pedophilia?

[–] greycloud 3 points 1 points (+4|-3) ago 

no, i think that she has to have never had a period for it to qualify as pedophilia. if she is fertile, than she is a young adult and at best it is hebephilia. but let's face it, at 15 her tits and physical development clearly place her in the stage of adult body of a teen girl that has recently finished puberty which paints it as ephebophilia. over 90% of men are attracted to girls like her. they don't like to admit it, but when measured in tests they get hardons for girls like her. which means that it is completely normal to be attracted to girls like her. in fact it is abnormal to NOT be attracted to girls like her if you are attracted to women at all.

this is not pedophilia. this is laws that attack men over their sexual preferences. this is technicalities that are used to enslave the populace. this is population control and eugenics by another name. this is a false narrative used to attack those who do not fall in line.