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The entire US Constitution is grounded in distrust of the government and trust in God.

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Where exactly is god mentioned in the Constitution?

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inalienable rights endowed by our Creator, other than that God is not directly mentioned. God is referred in the ratification, which some say is not part of the constitution. It is written on the currency, but they do not mention which God/god. But I know you did not need me to tell you any of this, cause you really just wanted to make a point. I think the framers left God out (not because they did not believe in God) but because they did not want the state to sanction any church's. People make this complicated, but that has never helped anyone. Everyone believes in something, even if the don't 'believe' in God. (It still remains the US Constitution was framed to keep the government in check and sub servant, distrusted.)

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church | state

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Having a health distrust in the police and government should be taught to every child.

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Abolish the CPS. It's that simple.

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Actual abuse? What happens with that?

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Police. There's a longer argument to be made here, but it involves aggregation and slogging through old comments so... Yeah.

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So these people broke laws in a state that doesn't put up with their particular brand of bullshit. Texas is not the place to be openly for marijuana. They put a target on their own family. That being said this is messed up. Of course kids are scared of strange men breaking into their house with guns. I teach my kids not to trust the government and that you have to do what a cop says or he will shoot you. I think it's true. But you definitely shouldn't put your family at risk the way these people did.

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"A small amount of marijuana." Bitch please, the constitution is written on hemp.

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Hemp is not marijuana, bitch.