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Um, these people on 4chan (and OP included) are mistaking "exericse" to imply that there is going to be some mass city-wide Ghostbusters-level shit with the national guard or something like the wargames/exercises that the US does with South Korea with ships and troops and helicopters. Christ.

Most of these exercises that take place in the US are just readiness and preparedness...having people ACT like something is going on and exercising the full capabilities of the involved government organizations. Everything takes place behind closed doors, on the phone, by email and inside meeting rooms with video teleconferences.

The people in the location of the exercise (NYC in this case) will never know anything happened after it is all over. They'll just see a few more cars and less parking available at the government buildings where it is located (e.g. FEMA).

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What OP is implying comes from conspiracy boards. There were terroism exercises in NYC on 9/11. There was some form of exercises going on the day of the Boston Marathon thing. Its bexome a thing they point to. So if there's an exercise of any sort they get noided and think rhe CIA is going to nuke NYC that day.

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Not NYC but the bridge from bridgegate.

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The day before the truck of peace in Sweden we also had a police+ emergency+ military terrorist exercise.

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Sandy Hook, too

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Sandy hook was a drill too but look at everything that transpired from it

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Exercises were ran on 9-11 to create confusion among responders and ensure the strikes were successful.

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Another issue is something like this wouldn't be possible, at least within Manhattan, they have tech that can analyze when someone has radiation on them, aka if you go for chemo-therapy or any procedure that requires you to be irradiated, there's a reason why the Doctor tells you to not go to the city. It's because you'll be signaled to be a "nuclear threat". So if they actually have any sort of Nuke hit Manhattan, it will raise a lot of flags because there are way to many safety precautions to make sure it doesn't happen.

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If this is real it's just another method of keeping the masses afraid and the people in charge in control. Hardly about safety. Fear is one of the best weapons.

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Guys, It's obviously nothing, check out snopes, they have the scoop on everything.


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Sounds like act one of a really bad Michael Bay movie.

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Is there any other kind?

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HEY! Michael bay is a visionary

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But you repeat yourself.

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Welp I'm going to be in Hoboken on Monday. I'll have a great view and perhaps a hell of tan.

But I am going the fuck to work on Monday.

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I remember taking part in an exercise involving a hijacked plane in September 16 years ago in that same geographical area. The base I was at involved the ANG with keeping 2 F-16s on high alert with armed ordinances which was very uncommon for our exercises.


Prolly just some precautions they are taking to be ready just in case the worst happens.

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It's interesting to think that a government's false flag activities could be predicted from this sort of behavior. The twin towers went down after enough interests aligned, including the insurance policy on the towers themselves, which were in terrible repair and not worth the cost to renovate or tear down. No vital infrastructure was destroyed, the vaults were cleared out, and vital personal alerted to the point where the buildings were effectively empty. Then you have the simultaneous drills on top of all that, and more...

If you're drawing a comparison, then you have to be implying that the false flag would take the shape of a massive explosion, possibly making entire sections of the city uninhabitable. That's an entirely difference beast.

Besides, a false flag isn't needed to go to war with North Korea. They're actually guilty of outrageous human rights abuses and poverty. There's stuff going on there that's so horrific that, most people can only laugh in disbelief.

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4chan = news ?

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MSM = news?

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