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I'm one of the weirdos that use Bing, and not just for porn.

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yandex is kind of cool

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Yeah I thought so for a while as well. I am confident it is in cahoots with google tho

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Try self-hosted metasearch solutions like searx or even better contribute to p2p search engine projects like yacy.

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bing is great, they don't censor half as much as google does. also if you have windows you were sending microsoft your data anyway. if you use a windows operating system i suggest you use bing over google as a search engine.

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The internet was supposed to be resilient because it would have lots of sites all over the world. Google has spent a lifetime trying to turn the internet into an advertising platform where they get a cut of every ad and nobody gets their page seen without them. The internet was never meant to be Google's money printing machine.

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This is why I boycott all google products. I even switched to iphone for it.

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I always have to make the point to people that, yes, Google products are amazing because Google is amazing at what they do, and that's collect data. I have Google fiber, though unless I'm gaming or downloading on steam I use a VPN, and in my 16 years of torrenting I have never received a DMCA notice, not until I got Google Fiber. I received like 4 before I got a VPN and was like fuck that. Granted 3 were from TPB but once I got a DMCA for something I got off a private tracker I gave up and bought the VPN service.

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The new age version of Usenet is IRC with XDCC.

See my post here:


It's a little more work to setup and use, but it's downloading from a server and not Peer to Peer, so DMCAs aren't going to happen. Some servers support SSL for the connection as well.

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warez channels are surprisingly active, too. You'd think it would have died down, over time, but it just seems to get bigger. The only thing IRC sucks for is archiving/finding old files. Usually that stuff gets pushed off, in favor of newer releases. Old TV shows, movies, software, etc— you're probably still better off grabbing it from a torrent.

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Ummm, I'm still on IRC from like 20 years ago. Colloqy. I am looking up this xdcc thing.

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I have AT&T Fiber and have downloaded several things from TPB and have not received any DMCA notices yet, and I've had it almost a year. Either they don't care or they aren't monitoring it like Google does.

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I have ATT fiber. Customer service is awful and they overcharged me for months and still haven't credited my bill back properly. That being said I download terabytes of shit a month and haven't gotten any D&C. I also use a private site most of the time.

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I've heard AT&T is offering 2gb fiber in my area but I havent been convinced to switch yet. I will say this, Google customer support is amazing. Better than my experience with AT&T cellular service in the past.

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Getting the government involved is always the answer.

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Antitrust is one of the important functions government can play.

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Yeah, it's right up there with regulating speech and guns. Antitrust is not needed if government doesn't interfere in the first place. All we need from government is establishing solid rules on individual rights concerning private property and sanctity of contracts and also providing functioning judicial system for contracts and torts laws in order to protect those rights. After that monopolies cannot survive unless they can make it impossible as a practical matter for others to satisfy consumers.

Antitrust is one of the more evil developments in law. It leads to crony capitalism (essentially a form of socialism). It cloaks socialist policy outcomes under the guise of capitalist arguments.

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Google is the one of the "deep state" governments biggest contractors. search on.

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People have to apply their will to boycott google.

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I hate Google but the argument in the article didn't convince me that the govt should step in to regulate here. ASSUMING NET NEUTRALITY, there is no prob with Google messing with search results to make a profit. Consumers can use a diff engine

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Consumers can use a different engine with or without net neutrality. The only thing net neutrality does is put the government in charge of deciding what on the internet is important and what isn't. I'd rather have those decisions made by greedy businesses trying to cater to my whims. And I'd rather not have them needing government approval to do any of it. Net neutrality is a form of communism (whoch requires government oversight) and it suffers from the same problems as all other socialist endeavors.

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Ehhh.. I've seen took much corruption to buy that. Without a nuetral Internet Google and Bing will load search results in 1 second while DDG takes 30 seconds because they are too small to afford the fast lane. That's not fair competition

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Just stop using Google.

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No such thing as monopolies unless force is involved. Which could be argued in this case I guess.

But market dominance based on value provided to consumers is not a monopoly. It just means you do it better than everyone else.

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