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African American of course.

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misspelled basketball americans

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North American pavement apes is my all time favorite.

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Either call them niggers, or, at least, Africans in America. They're not Americans any more than a white man born in Ethiopia is an Ethiopian - even if he was citizenship.

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what if they served in the military and have national socialist beliefs?

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I call them African Savages usually. They act just the same here as they do over there. IQ determines culture and behavior. Some Africans have been mixed enough to not be so violent but I don't give a shit- I won't let my guard down no matter what.

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so the only americans are native americans that were here for 12,000 years? being kinda serious, I'm irish I don't give a fuck, but I went to ireland and I am for sure american of some type not irish american, those people have problems.

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Maybe once it will be the asian female ninja gang..

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TFW not completly "female" ninja gang.

If you go to prison and story gets out that a Ladyboy beat you up, you are the prisonbitch for life.

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but that is impossible, kids that young can't consent to touching her or groping her.

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I think you need the /s. Some of these lads are borderline retarded.

spez - And then I read your submission history, you paedo fuck. I've got a $0.35 solution for your kind.

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I can't speak for @greycloud, but I simply refuse to use /s even knowing of the borderline retardation of some. Humor should stand or fall on its own. If it needs to be explained it would be better not to engage in it. And I simply cannot refrain from sarcasm, dark humor, etc. If I sometimes get downvoted, that just comes with the territory.

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He's not sarcastic. He does everything he can to try and normalize pedophilia. He's a pedo promoter.

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WTF are you on about, you pedo fuck?

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i'm just using the blue pill narrative logic. children can't consent to sex, therefore they can't consent to sexual touching of someone, therefore this is impossible. this woman should stop raping those kids!

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Details of the story are as expected.

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"It's probably going to be muzzies... Oh, blacks. Well yeah..."

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It is Philadelphia, so it was most likely blacks. In a place like Detroit it could probably be either.

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That was my reaction too. African American like Mexican cattle on a California dry lot is American Beef.

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All these local affiliates have malfunctioning shitty websites. What makes this article unique is they actually admit the perps were black, which is almost unheard of in the Philadelphia media market.

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I don't think they avoid it as much as we residents think. All the nice libs in Philly have private suspicion of black kids on bikes, but will not publicly demand police action. Plenty of black middle-class folks who are pissed about it as well.

And yes, affiliate websites have shitty video options...I just assume it won't work and read the copy.

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"Install latest Adobe Flash Player"... yeah... no.

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About eight to ten African-American boys

I'm shocked! /s

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Niggers prowling in mobs, looking for white victims. Happens dozens of times every year...smaller groups of 2-3 niggers victimizing white people, happen hundreds of times every year; lone nigger assaults/rapes of white women happen thousands of times every year. And what do white people do in response? NOTHING AT ALL!

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Fuckin Naggers

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"If you have hate in your heart......let it out"

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