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How can literally any one support this dribble?

Terrorism will not be a part of French lives for years to come, it will be part of French lives for all of history if this cuck wins.

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French people will be gone and replaced with Franistan.

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I can't wrap my head around someone running for leadership of a country saying something like this. "Look, we're just going to have to get used to being randomly murdered in the streets. Vote for me!"

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Or you could, I don't know, fight to keep your country safe?

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Yeah but that's not what the jews want.

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And that would be racist!

No amount of body bags is worth being deemed racist /s

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Macron is a tailor-made globalist shill, almost Straight Outta Langley.

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That means he won't even address the problem. What a defeatist. Save your nation France, do not vote for the guy who is saying you are already dead.

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patently french

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Only if you let it? I mean, the basic function of a government is to PROTECT the people it governs. Period. When a government comes out and essentially admits that they can no longer protect those governed, it is LITERALLY time for a new government!

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The citizens that vote for this man are voting for their own deaths, and the deaths of their countrymen.

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You will infact now be subject to that. Youve let a large group of terrorists nto your country. Now you get to decide what youre going to do about it. Roll over like a bitch or grow a fucking spine.

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