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The allegation is that Bose is engaged in what amounts to wiretapping, but Bose denies that data is personally identifiable.

So they admit they're doing it, and you only need to look at 4chan and their weaponized autism to see what is possible, in order to reveal individuals based on a few clues.

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so pay over 300 dollars for a pair of headphones and still have no privacy. What a fucking deal.

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Fuck Bose. If we don't band together and boycott companies that engage in these practices nothing will change . It will get worse. If this trend continues it's just a matter of time before our chairs and toasters are spying on us.

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Bleed'em fucking dry boys!

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First of all,the headline is misleading. It's their stupid app that does this. You have to install it first. Otherwise yea.

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Bose has been selling overpriced shit with a marketing budget for decades now. The Denon headphones I've used are a hundred times better.

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I have a pair of quietcomfort 25's and I gotta say... they're the highest quality noise cancellation I've experienced. Their other products may be overpriced, but when it comes to shutting out the world I can't find anything better.

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What about all the other bose products?

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Wait till they figure out how to include a remote control detonation switch for the batteries