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Sooo... it was just a guy that hated coppers? Fair enough.

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refugeeswelcome we can't deport anyone, that's racist!

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https://archive.is/T4iyD | https://vgy.me/mPWPRE.png :

Paris shooting: gunman served 15 years for attempted police murders | World news | The Guardian

'The attacker, a 39-year-old man widely named as Karim Cheurfi, was known to French security services. '

'Media reported he had served nearly 15 years in prison after being convicted of three attempted murders, two against police officers, and was released on parole in 2015. '

'Hours before the Paris assault, Belgian police reportedly found weapons, balaclavas and a ticket for a train trip to France departing on Thursday morning. '

'A statement from the Isis propaganda agency, Amaq, said the attack was carried out by an “Islamic State fighter”. '

'This week, two men were arrested in Marseille on suspicion of planning an attack before the election. '

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