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And the (((IMF))) will have them back in debt within a month.

Also, don't they have some NATO bills they need to pay?

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2% of GDP spent on defense is the requirement but no one meets it because of the nuclear umbrella. My unit for example can't get enough boots in the right sizes so guys go out to buy their own. Only problem is after the fact they get chastised for it even for buying the same boots our special forces are issued out of pocket. We also got new tac vests after the last ones were so shitty that even I went out and got my own tactical tailor vest made, they only hold 4 without anywhere to put plates but we have to wear them over our plate carriers that are also worn out hand me downs.

Our ships are falling apart. We had plans to build new ones but it fell through when the last prime minister awarded the contract to two of the most corrupt shipbuilders in North America. So now nothing is happening. Like nothing. Even with the plans being completed neither company will start building the ships so they can milk the contracts for an extra 50% more of what was originally awarded. Not joking. The Irving family is not only going to delay the start but plan to drag out the construction when it does start.

Our F18s are what's leftover from a batch of 180 that are now a patchwork of used parts. No EW, limited guided munitions, pilots trained to use our nukes get re tasked. And despite people dying our new PM is stonewalling the purchase of new F-35s and participation in US Navy's FA-XX program because it's to warlike of a plane. Despite like 90% of our airforce's deployments involve dropping munitions over hostile territory. No plans for a carrier either. Something that would be possible with a 2% gdp contribution.

We also don't have any air defenses or anti-tank systems besides some TOW launchers from the 90s that were mothballed. Technically our frigates have surface to air missiles for adats but only half of the ships have supplies of them to hold out against any air attack. It's scary.

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You are right on all counts. Now lets add to the mix the fact that Canada is one of the most top heavy militaries in the world, and the doctrine they teach them has been changed for nearly 30 years. Nobody has a clue about the world today or how to devise a coherent strategy to deal with it. So, add the bankrupt and pathetic state of the material the brain dead state of leadership who have no capability to at least manage what they have to conform to the world it finds itself and the answer is Canada has the most pathetic military in NATO.

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Russian women and vodka on the one hand and bill m103 and bill morneau saying he wants to bring in 100 million muslims on the other. If they have the crazies so bad they actually go into Russia, I expect the bulk of Canadians soldiers to simply cross over. Killing Russians isn't in the cards. "Henderson shoots, he scores" still means more than feminist Trudeau.

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And Nato is antagonizing Russia even harder. Lots of spending there.

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are they in nato?

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Ceausescu of Romania was killed in a kangaroo court during an uprising as soon as he finished paying off the country's debts as well

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Ceaucescu was a brutal communist dictator, you imbecile. He was killed because everyone hated him, not because he paid off the national debt.

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too bad they are gonna be ruined by sand niggers.

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Watch in the next year or so they just put them in Germany or the EU actually goes along with Trump and puts them in camps in the middle east where they belong.

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Ouch, the reality of this image hurts.

To think (((they))) want us to forget what liberty feels like.

As if the men in the cave, after having seen the light of day, said fuck it and went back inside the cave. The founding fathers would take this country from us if they still lived.

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Welcome to the light, brother.

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That would be great if you still had a 99.9% huwhite country.

Now you have to prepare your social programz for the diverse needs of the new vibrancy.

Don't complain if they are a net drain in every single category.

You don't understand that they bring the hidden gift of vibrancy.

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Actually remembered that whole "universal income" concept earlier today. Wonder is it's just coincidental that this started becoming a thing that governments started talking about seriously in liberal countries as the mud population is on the rise, and they have that whole Jizya(?) tax system when they take over white lands.

Like, these wonderful liberal "governments of the people" aren't thinking about testing a system designed and conceived to make life easier for their white populations, but to issue in the new European caliphate with pre-existing normalization of the required islamic infrastructure, just with different labels on the moving parts.

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Honestly though. If most of Denmark is on basic income they're going to want some sand niggers to mess with so that they don't end up spending the extra time fighting each other too vigorously.

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perhasp yes.. perahaps. now

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And Obama doubled our national debt.

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all while robbing the people and putting it into the oligarchs pockets not that he didn't make out pretty good eh...

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he did yes.. half was financial bailout.. but all has been paid back.. the Fed actually makes money from fannie and freddie mac enties.. so i mean a lot of the debt has been due to healthcare and other endeavors of that tenure in the the white house.. its same crap every 8 years the pendulum swings.

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It has NOT been paid back. They just stopped collecting you fucking dickhead. Fed might have made money (prob not) but then Obama took it all and put it in slush funds.

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Didn't these same people just sell their vaccine supply rights to Saudi Arabia? I wonder if it was for 1.5 billion LOL

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How could Saudi Arabia supply vaccines? I doubt they have the tech and the people to produce them.

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no clue... saudi more worried about oil vs this stuff

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The great irony is that it was the Danes that first extended a foreign loan to the fledgling American government in our war of independence and so established our credit history. It seems that everything that was once good is going out of our world.

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The oligarchs aren't going to like a country that's not in debt to them. This can't last too long.

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