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Well this is going to be fun. Too bad these poor morons don't know that it was their own government and Mossad who committed that horrible act on our people.

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Almost as many people died in hurricane Katrina because successive governments refused to put maintenance work into the levees. Killing people is old hat to these politicians and thepeople who own them.

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The top ones probably do but they're so rich they probably don't care

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They are letting this happen because they know it won't get anywhere for that reason

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2 Jew-shills downvoated you

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Didn't the Saudi's say they would let that cat out of the bag if they were sued?

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Idk did they

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The Saudis are some very well-funded trouble makers. I hope the families get every last dollar those fuckers have.

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Me too, it's high time the American people start holding those Saudi fuckers accountable for what they did. We're battling our own government, we might as well strike at one of the sources of corruption.

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I wish someone would ask trump if his insurance on his steel skyscrapers sky rocketed after it was proven by the the 9/11 commision that a steel skyscrapper can collapse from office fires?

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Hopefully they're not represented by Jewish lawyers...Israelis', along with other Zionist elements in the US, did 9/11. https://wikispooks.com/wiki/9-11/Israel_did_it

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800 Families Just Filed a Lawsuit Against Saudi Arabia over 9/11

ONLY 800???

Seems like there were a lot of jews not at work that day....

This is Jew York we are talking about. This is the "world" trade center we are talking about.

IF there had been hundreds if not thousands of jews killed that day you would never hear the last of it! It would have been called and antisemitic attack on America.

Just seems that a lot of jews were off work "sick" that date or "late for work"...

Just saying is all.... Don't mean anything by it. 800 seems a low number, thats all.

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This a list of the victims:


It's pretty easy to find the steins and burgs. Islamics are pushing the no jews went to work that day line.

The jewish elite in prewar Germany gave zero fucks about the antagonism they were causing towards jews. Multinational corporation jews of today are exactly the same. Even if big jew strapped muslim fuckwads into the pilot's seats, they wouldn't have given a shit about anyone in the path of their grand plan.

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Relative to their prevalence in the WTC complex, the number of 9/11 casualties with ties to Isreal (eg. staff at Israeli companies) was amazingly low. Look into it if you doubt MOSSAD involvement.

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Are you kidding me? Ever since that great day we've not heard the end of it from you bloody yanks.