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I have some knowledge of her line. This is an opportunistic lawsuit based on her new position. I DARE this unknown MAC to show that they did blush pink, purses with cellphone chargers, trenchcoats, or sheath sunburst dresses before her. Love her or hate her she has a "look" - you are liberal city rag factory.


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https://archive.is/j73fC | https://vgy.me/LqqqF1.png :

Ivanka Trump Sued for Alleged 'Unfair Competition' by Clothing Rival - NBC News

'In an email to NBC News, a rep for the Ivanka Trump brand declined to comment on the lawsuit. '

'MAC is seeking a restraining order that would bar any Ivanka Trump label clothing or accessories from being sold in California. '

'Ivanka Trump and her "employees and agents have" been "exploiting the power and prestige of the White House for personal gain, including, but not limited to, piggy-backing promotion of defendant Ivanka Trump products on appearances at executive branch and other governmental events."'

'And Conway ran afoul of the White House ethics office when she told Americans on a Fox News show last month "to go buy Ivanka's stuff."'

'Her goal is to "create positive value," the source said, adding that the move is being planned in consultation with the Office of Government Ethics and White House attorneys. '

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