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And if Bill Clinton's wife had won, this would likely be law by now.

We dodged some figurative and literal bullets here.

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im feelin real bad for the alternate timeline that got bill clintons wife

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Is she still the only civilian in SF to hold a CCW permit?

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Send that bag - o -wind back to the middle east, she's a traitor and treasonous To America. Trying to overthrow the constitution.

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Hey now. The founders of this country were extremist white males who launched violent attacks on government forces, therefore the constitution is an 'extremist' document. You don't support extremism do you ?

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That'll be enough Dianne.

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Still better than an extreme cunt

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I hope this witch slips on an ice tray.

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...And then suddenly manages to fall victim to a freak steam roller accident.

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Well, EU is trying to ban all semi-auto guns and their given reason is that terrorists use them. Statistics say that legally bought firearms are very rarely used in crimes and for long guns it's even rarer.

In history only reason for disarming populace has always been that they can't revolt against atrocities that are soon to be visited against them by their leaders if they don't have weapons.

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If so, they are an extremist organization that defends the 2nd amendment to the very same Constitution​ she was elected to uphold. So, I'm having trouble understanding what her problem is exactly.

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in the (((marxist/luciferian/cuck))) mind, the constitution is an extremist piece of paper

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