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Of course he knew what he was after. If I were Trump, I'd arrest the agent who left the lap top in his car and sweat out of him who he really works for. Smells like a traitor to me since I don't think any Secret Service agent is that careless.

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The only thing on there would be personal stuff, if the agent isn't a complete moron. I read that they have to remote in to access their actual work. I'm sure a demotion is in their future at least.

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government worker so it'll probably be a promotion and raise

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the backpack was left in the car on purpose.. total setup... this whole thing stinks all the way to the top of the deep state...

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And the reason for not just giving the information in a far more discreet fashion??? You're theory makes no sense.

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Build in cutouts, keep any one person from knowing the whole of what's going on.

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Or bait by those supporting trump.

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Pretty brazen dead-drop fieldcraft. USSS Agent Maria Argentieri needs to be in custody and sweating it out in the box.

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Yeah and I think it might have something to do with the House Intelligence Hearing the following Monday. Considering how that seemed almost rigged from the opening speech onwards.

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They're already planting the idea in all our minds that the thief got away with "Secret service lapel pins". This way when the false flag happens, they'll say the perp got in by impersonating a secret service agent. Then they want us all to gasp and say "that's right, I remember when those secret service lapel pins got stolen!, this makes total sense".

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somebody said it might have been a dead drop--on purpose--no thief.

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I suspect so, too neat