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So I guess I can put cyanide landmines all over my land for pest control, if a cop just so happens to die from one so be it.

I can't believe we do stupid shit like this now days.

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Only the government has a right to be irrational.

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no signage for a cyanide bomb? if you spray your yard with chemicals they require that you put signage all over it; but if the government hides poison bombs, nothing.

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Domestic terrorism

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Domestic terrorism

That’s what you become if you harm the profits of the animal agriculture industry.

Looking in to the animal agriculture industry will cause moral anxiety.

Your Ego will protect you from the trauma needed to break out of the cow conspiracy.

Are you stronger than your ego can you overcome the conspiracy ?

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They seem overly accepting of this. "If you plant bombs next to my house at least tell me about it". Seems like a very placated response. Why is it it Americans fight for 2nd amendment but allow their government to still abuse them so much? Seems like when push comes to shove Americans just roll over especially when you consider the article below.


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We should drag the employee responsible out to their land and have them shot.

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No, not shot. They should have one of the Cyanide bombs blown up in their face. That's not just justice. It's poetic justice. The best kind of justice. And it shouldn't just be the one person, but everyone in that person's chain of command. That will stop this kind of nonsense really fucking quick.

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The fuck is a constitution?

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The actual fuck?

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This child's nightmare brought to you by the US of A!

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Information on the M-44 Cyanide Device that was used: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M44_(cyanide_device)

The wrapped capsule holder is smeared with scented bait to attract coyotes and make them bite and pull on it. (The use of a bite-and-pull action makes the trap less likely to be set off by non-canine wildlife.[1]) When the trap is triggered, the spring propels a dose of sodium cyanide into the animals's mouth, and the sodium cyanide combines with water in the mouth to produce poisonous cyanide gas.[2] In addition to the cyanide, the capsule contains Day-Glo fluorescent particle marker (orange in capsules used by the Wildlife Service, and yellow in capsules prepared for other users) .[3]

Sounds like a pretty bad-ass little item... which should be marked-as-fuck...

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I do not understand that. I can't imagine anybody even having such an idea in Europe. It is pure nonsense to me. Government planting chemical warfare land mines! Total criminal idiocy.

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