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I never did understand why people want to make their political voting habits public. It's like religion... believe whatever the fuck you want but treat it like a dick and stop waving it in my face. I don't tell people who I vote for (or if I even voted). It's none of my business what you did and I don't want to know.

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Agree, but the other article read said she was "outed" by some Facebook comments. After that they tracked them down and started harrasing​ them. This is why you don't go on Facebook and argue with people with your real name. Anyway, it's not like she was announcing it to the world. Some insane sjws didn't like comments on FB and started a crusade against them

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It was on facebook, it was to the whole world.

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Ding ding ding! Correct answer!

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My daughter sells air conditioning services. These days people are really hot on politics and want to share. She just listens and says, " I know what you mean." Agrees without contributing and tries to redirect back to the matter at hand.

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we are slowly becoming a communist country if we are shutting down people with different belief systems than our own.the irony of all is that liberals claim to be for diversity top kek?

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Did you see the Voat thread about the Starbucks CEO?

Edit: Aw, downvoated by someone who thinks free speech means saying "Nigger". :-(

Edit: They removed their downvoat! Yay!

Edit: Some links. https://voat.co/v/news/comments/1602480 https://voat.co/v/USNews/1732038

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Oh, but that's different. It only counts as bad when the business is on our team. You see, when we do it against them, that's 100% totally cool. But, when they do it against us, that's oppression.


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Do you have a link to the thread you are referring to?

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no it shows you have one downvoat still.no,i didnt see that thread

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Music stores are already a dying business model much like video stores. Why would you compound stupid by interjecting politics into that?

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What is this? The last physical media music store in the USA? I don't believe they're going out of business for their political views. It's more likely their dated business.

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People are allowed to shop where ever they want. These people are stupid for having their business propped up by deranged liberals.

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Chicago how being them "gun free zones" how bout that crime rate Chicago???

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Can't really complain about this. Sucks for them, but this is what we always harp on the left to do: stop breaking shit and lighting it on fire and assaulting people and use your words. Boycotting is a legitimate form of speech. If it were any other field, they could try to parley their position to supporters and appeal to make up the business, but it's hard to sell music to conservatives. You can only load up on so many Skynyrd and Ted Nugent albums.