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If I'm in my home holding a gun and a cop is present, I'm damn sure not going to be just holding it. I would have it in my hands for a very very good reason.

And in other news, a court has ruled that a cop is no longer welcome in my home for any reason. Of course, they never were. They will have to bust in the damned door. Fuck police.

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How you like them no knock raids by street clothed officers?

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If remember correctly, a court already found a man not guilty who shot a cop during a no-knock raid.

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Basically this is a (((court))) decision that states the obvious: We're at war with the government. We will be given no quarter and at least these cuckbois don't seem to expect any from us. Good. They won't get it.

Good cops, FBI and CIA: FFS get out now. Don't associate with a failed and corrupt regime. Come out in favor of Trump and American nationalism and maybe we can avoid maximum bloodshed. You think Trump will toss you to the curb? Hell no, you guys could be the backbone of a new force, Trump's own SA.

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Government is in a perpetual state of war against its own citizenry.

/v/TaxationIsTheft and the root of the problem.

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Fucking Jews!

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Read the article, the cops weren't in his house they shot him from outside the front door.

Basically the cops can murder you in your home if they see you and get scared.

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it would be utterly fucked up if I was going to my garage with a gun to clean it and I got shot by a cop...

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And if they are in your home illegally you can shoot them first.

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Though your family will be terrorized by the police for the rest of your life.

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And if you're a poor shot, that will be a very short life.

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Legalities are irrelevant in a life and death situation. This is why no knock warrants are a horrible idea. Any intruder can start claiming they are police when they kick in the door.

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part of the purpose of a no-knock is to prevent the suspect from disposing of evidence or having time to otherwise react.

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Just don't shoot them second because then the law would agree with him.

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Police honestly scare me more than criminals.

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I hear you there, brother. I haven't felt 'free' in this country for many years. You don't even have to make bad decisions anymore to end up in a concrete box, caged like an animal. It's a simple matter of wrong place, wrong time, now.

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This is beyond disgusting, this Sylvester guy should be fucking lynched by a mob.

As somebody getting into Law Enforcement, what these cunts did was absolutely, the epitome of retardation.


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Don't go into Law Enforcement. The force will either corrupt your sensibilities, and turn you into a monster, or it will silence you when you discover what kind of horrible shit they do behind the scenes. There are no good cops anymore, and don't pretend like you'll be one when you get the job. The Stanford Prison Experiment disagrees.

When you are surrounded by the dick waving culture of paramilitary-esque modern police officers, you will quickly come to realize that they feel as though they're at war with the garden variety citizen. After a while, the attitude changes from "I'm helping my community", to seeing that same community as yet another problem. The new culture in the LEO world isn't like it was when you were a kid. They dehumanize people in order to do their jobs, and there's no realistic way around it. You don't have the option of being a good cop.

I have firsthand experience with this, so believe me when I say that I'm telling you this in good faith. It will turn you into exactly that which you fear and pity.

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Hey, I appreciate your response. I first got motivated to join the Border Patrol when Trump won the election because I want to take our country back. I'm curious, what are your thoughts on Customs and Border Protection? Are they similar to other LE orgs?

I wouldn't be too serious if I let a few posts on the internet demotivate me but I do value your input. Thanks for caring enough to type all that out.

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As somebody getting into Law Enforcement



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At some point people are going to start hunting down these cops and the judges more than they already are.

I'm not going to really shed any tears for those slain people when that day comes, if you kick a society that came from a bloody revolution enough times then at some point he's going to get fed up.

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I have been warning the police for years that their unconstitutional acts committed for the good of the community were doing them more harm then good. Now we have seen a large percentage of the population rise up against the cops and even deliberate cop killings in retaliation. All due the the police departments loss of credibility. Just because the newly elected President is pro police is no excuse to continue the failed police policies of the past. If the cops don't shape up soon they are going to lose credibility with the entire middle and lower class people of this nation. When that happens I won't be surprised to see death squads in the streets because the cops will have brought it on them selfs. No knock raids are always a violation of due process, way to many wrong address have be raided.

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See, they don't have to shape up. When you're in a position of power like that, all you have to do is play the victim card, and you're granted more protections by the state. This is by design. This is how you boil the frog.

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Doubtful. Injustice happens all the time.

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If a cops in my house illegally the reason I'm holding a gun is to stop him.

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Cops in America are very poorly trained imo. They should get cops from other countries in the world i.e UK, etc. to train them.

Judges and or any other parties should be dismissed and barred, if they are obviously protecting a broken system rather than the people.

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Dismissed, barred, AND prosecuted!

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Couldn't agree more. Fucking sucks that nothing ever gets done about it.

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It's not training, it's the fact that they are rarely held accountable for their actions.

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That's a different story. Although, I completely agree. Individual police officers should be held accountable for their own actions. People should not be allowed to sue the city where the tax payers are paying for the mistakes of the police. Also, police should be held under much heavier scrutiny, because they have far too much power e.g. their word is held higher in a court of law than yours.

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UK cops are cucks. Fuck that noise.

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So if you don't kill hundreds of your own citizens each year and aren't robbing citizens with no repercussions you're a cuck?

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Look, I'm not going to argue with you, because your mind is set. However, I'll leave this link for you: http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2016/07/08/us-police-shootings-compared-australia-uk-and-germany

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You misunderstand the problem. They are DELIBERATELY poorly trained. After all, they throw out applications of those with higher than average IQs and a demonstration of compassion, and the Supreme Court has backed this policy.

Make no mistake, this is entirely by design. You can't have an intelligent, compassionate, police force, and also have a police state, They have to be thuggish, brutal, and be able to dehumanize the citizenry. They may claim to serve their communities, but take it from a guy with experience, after a while, they start to see the average citizen as a burden, rather than the core of their job.

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You misunderstand the problem. They are DELIBERATELY poorly trained. After all, they throw out applications of those with higher than average IQs and a demonstration of compassion, and the Supreme Court has backed this policy.

Believe me, I know this for a fact. This applies here in Australia as well. However, training is done in a proper manner.

My best friend applied to the police here, but was rejected. He was a bit of a overachiever at Uni and he was rejected on the grounds of "over educated". He waited a month and re-applied again, but this time not including any of his Uni degrees and he got in instantly.

The main difference between America and Australia is, police officers here have to have a very good fucking reason to pull their gun on someone, as most people here don't own guns of their own due to gun control laws. Although, gun control laws are a double-edged sword, if you get what I mean.

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I will keep saying it, Cops are the enemy of responsible citizens. They are the largest gang in America, with a history of Murder, Drug Dealing, Racketeering, Racism, Use of Excessive Force, and escalating dangerous situations, as well as general corruption. None of this is old news, cops still do all of these things daily. Crooked cops kill people and get paid leave, good cops get sent to mental wards or are silenced when they try to put a stop to it.

No sane citizen would trust the current police force to protect them or their rights. I would sooner trust the petty criminals and drug dealers who I know have more honor and and a stronger ethical code than most cops I've met. I would never call the police unless my life was in danger (maybe not even then), and I feel like any citizen that bring cops into anything less than a life/death situation is a traitor to their neighbors and themselves.

The police are powerless to change the systemic corruption of law enforcement, even the good cops have zero reason to be surprised when someone blames them. If you willingly put on your badge, good or bad, you are as much the problem as crooked cops.

Police have on the whole abused their power, destroyed the trust of citizens, and have lost the respect of citizens. If we had an honest police force that existed to protect our citizens, instead of enforcing corrupt quotas and being the oligarchical elite's battering ram I would feel quite differently, but we don't.

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