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All Wars are Banker's Wars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTEyS15G7HI

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Oil. It's what's going on in the Middle East right now and why the US and Russia are at each others' throats there. All because of a fucking oil pipeline.

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I hear that but it is not the right resource to fight over today. Do you get that? Oil is PLENTIFUL all over the world now. New technology has made that the case. And now we have more reserves than we can safely use. Thus, oil is NOT worth a fight.

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It's not the oil specifically but the control of the market, and the propagation of the dollar.

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It's not about oil

It's about oil being exclusively traded in dollars

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That doesn't change what they're fighting over. It's literally about where the pipeline will be laid. Will it be in Russia controlled or friendly land or that of the US? So it doesn't really matter what you just said regardless of its truth. The only people to ever have oil is brown people and we make a habit of bombing brown people. Think about it... when was the last time we bombed the shit out of white people? Japan. And before that? Other than that, it's brown people because fucking oil.

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The same pipeline would also carry liquefied natural gas, which Russia's economy heavily depends on. Qatar and Saudi have their eyes on that market, and approached Syria's Assad in order to convince him to allow the gas and oil pipeline to go through his country. Putin put pressure on Assad to refuse and he did, in order to protect his country's interests.

That's why there's war in Syria. And that's why the US is not actually helping with ISIS (to put it mildly), as Putin has publicly pointed out several times.

Putin is a terrible person, but Russia is nowhere near being as evil as the west's deep state. Different order of magnitude.

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Has anyone bothered to stop and present what it is that the supposed conflict with Russia revolves around?

1) Communism is gone.

2) Russia is also a democracy, much more so than Saudi Arabia or Qatar or many other US allies.

3) Oil is now awash in the World, both in Russia and the USA.

4) The Middle East is host to a never ending conflict. At the heart of it is a ideology (Islam) bent on the destruction of the USA and Russia as well as any nation that does not accept Sharia, the supremacy of Islamic law and way of life.

So what is the conflict? What forms the basis of a WWIII scenario? What would the Russians do if they invaded Western Europe which has 4 times the total population of Russia? Imagine a dog catching the bumper of the post man. What does it do next??

Conclusion: There is no basis for a conflict between the USA and Russia. What there is is a defense and security apparatus that has to find a purpose in order to justify its continued funding.

Russia and the USA could just as soon be allies as enemies. All that is missing is the will.

Addendum: Yes, Crimea. Crimea is a special case where a dictator in Russia gave the land that surrounds the Russian Black Sea Base (Sevastapol) away to Ukraine. Think of this as the Guantanamo bay base of the Russian nation. Yes, the Russians violated several treaties but this is not what WWIII or a continued conflict should revolve around. Russia will not be giving back the territory that is so strategically important to its military going back 200 or more years. End of story. Get over it.

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Yes, Crimea. Crimea is a special case

Hillary and Obama have been spending US dollars to create this very situation so as to allow for global denouncement of Russia. Always remember, anything and everything negative stated about Russia, [as it relates to this specific case], is actually being stated about Hillary and Obama. If Russia did to the United States what the United States did to Russia, we would likely be at war today.

Always remember, the real traitors and scumbag instigators here are in fact Obama and Hillary - and by extension, Soros. Please take time to make note of the well known Sorros/Russian relationship.

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The deep state has been riling up the public and priming the nation's (and the western establishment) subconscious for a war with Russia. The entire MSM has been pushing the narrative that Russia is a homophobic and bigoted nation run by a dictator since about 2013 (remember Putin was literally Hitler as well then). They need to keep pushing the Russian Bogeyman in order to keep the country thinking about and hating them for whatever their plans are when Trump is out of office. It also keeps the retarded chunk of the populace screeching about Trump's legitimacy as President.

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I agree that this is what the current situation is.

But what has not been asked of these leaders is what I asked everyone here: WHAT IS THE CONFLICT?

What resources are we supposed to be fighting over?

If the answer is "Oil" then we are dealing with idiots or people that think that the public are idiots not to know the state of FRACKING and OIL Resources in the West. For instance, Alaska just found a massive oil field and a massive oil filed sits under Cornwall and in the Irish Sea. We are literally awash if plentiful oil hence the price of crude is low and predicted to go lower.

If the answer is a nebulous one of "maintaining influence", one has to ask the question: FOR WHAT PURPOSE? We are only involved in the middle east as a legacy of the days when OIL WAS WORTH SOMETHING. Those days are over.

Who wants to inherit the ME with all its problems? Oil is cheap. Oil is plentiful. And we cannot even use all of the reserves we have now because of Carbon Dioxide levels so...why are we fighting for "influence" in a region of the world we should be walling off and isolating?

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It's because of gas, not oil. Russia's economy will collapse if they lose the natural gas market. The pipeline proposed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar would carry both gas and oil, but Russia is concerned about losing the market. It's almost an existential threat to Russia.

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Spykman thought that the Rimland, the strip of coastal land that encircles Eurasia, is more important than the central Asian zone

Seems obvious now but I can imagine that the era of Napoleon might have lead to an over-appreciation of the heartland in strategic terms. Yes, Russia and most other countries become important because of coasts and borders where trade takes place and resources pass through.

The Great Game is a sort of funny to look at now. Who in the hell would fight over ownership/rights to Afghanistan? Oh, wait...LOL!

As I've been saying, INCOMPETENCE is the greatest force at work in US Global decision making.

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all of this is a mass distraction for what might be going on behind the scenes,me thinks

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Yes, that is it!

Behind the scenes are contracts for armaments predicated on a conflict that does not, in fact, exist. We are being played.

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In a perfect world, who has the strongest weapons and the most weapons would not matter.

USA fucked itself on the world stage claiming to be exporting freedom when in fact they are just doing the bidding of the shadow government who have shown to have zero empathy. They are NWOinc-supporting Globalists Against All Nations.

Otherwise the people of the world wouldn't give two shits(as it were till soros' wicked open society plan was derailed by that 4chan guy) that the USA business is a weapons exporting business first.

What kind of job loss would it mean if the US was forced to stop it's douchebaggery selling weapons to tyrannical governments like KSA?

Meanwhile Russia is doing same kind of stuff, but since the fall of ussr, it's all been US douchebaggery.

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Well, a significant portion of the US population think that Comey is an adversary of the united states of America.

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I'm not sure who lies more the fbi or cia.

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It's a toss up.

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Who will be the new oil supplier to europe. america started the Ukraine war to stop putins supply to europe. The next step is to build a pipe from Qatar to europe but it must go through syria. Putin fucked isis and protected syria as a response

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How cheap does oil need to become before this question of pipelines here or there is no longer a consideration?

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Wrong part of the world. The oil was very cheap from russia. The price has jumped 40% in recent years. That was to prepare us for the transition to american and nato supplied oil and gas.

See here "Npower blamed its planned rises on increases in wholesale gas"


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U.S. has to stand with Ukraine. They are the good guys in a shooting war with Russia.

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I support Ukraine. I just don't see Russia as being out of line taking Crimea. They need to pay for it, though.

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Yes, the U.S. convinced Ukraine to give up its nuclear arsenal when the USSR dissolved. If Ukraine still had nuclear weapons Russia would not dare to attack them. Now Ukrainians are dying in a fight for freedom and independence. We should not make them fight and die alone.

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