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Even if that gaddamn wall was twice as more expensive than the cost of illegal immigration over 10 years it would still be worth it

It's not just about freaking money, we're talking about demographics here, social make up, the very people you'll cross on the streets, the people you'll live with, the freaking culture, the language, social networks (not as in facebook, but as in laraza and MS13), job competition, taxes, freaking welfare, and don't start me on the fucken voter fraud part

People aren't crates

A bunch are already bragging about whitey's extinction in x decades, so imagine what will happen if they get an opportunity

Ask swedes, ask south africans, they know

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I do not even fucking care if I have to pay for it in more taxes, I want a gods damned wall.

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Will you also pay more taxes to support poor children in america? We need to breed more americans as well.

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How much of the "cost of illegal immigration" is really the cost of wasteful government spending?

This estimate is based on drug prohibition and welfare spending.

Neither of which is specifically authorized of our federal government by the constitution.

This is more government spending to fix a problem caused by government spending in the first place. Liberal logic at its finest.

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It would be cheaper to install land mines.

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So the Democrats can lose a trillion in the couch cushions, and it's no problem. But, a 12 billion dollar project led by republicans is basically anuddah shoah.

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whats the couch cushion reference?

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People who own large couches tend to lose loose change in them. This is less of a problem with the advent of credit cards.

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I'm highly sceptical of this claim. It assumes that the wall will stop illegal immigration (most come in through airports) and drug traffic (even if they stopped every shipment from mexico, it'd just get made in the US, or brought in by sea).

Realistically, there's already plenty of border defences without needing a wall, they just need to actually police them properly.

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The wall works as a force multiplier. It means that far less resources are needed to guard the border and can be relocated to other areas.

This is ancient war philosophy. The Chinese and the Romans used it to great effect.

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The Chinese famously cocked up their immigration policy and let a bunch of roundeyed drug pushers through their borders, ultimately destroying their country.

So bad example...

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Actually the Chinese walls didn't help them at all (they lost) and the Romans only used it to "great effect" in that it wasn't even a core tenet of their strategic or tactical doctrine beyond, "this thing is here just long enough to buy time for us to get in formation."

Neither of those societies used walls like you're describing.

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Unless you anticipate these immigrants having RPGs it's not going to make much of a difference. Border guards don't need to have a force multiplier, they just need to be properly staffed and to be allowed to do their job.

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Not to mention the cost of the wall vs the cost of maintaining and staffing it. Otherwise Mexicans would just bring ladders and hop over.

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most come in through airports

You must not live in the SW huh? Their are whole parts of my state the feds pretty much say dont go youll die.

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"Most," not "none."

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It assumes that the wall will stop illegal immigration


it assumes it will decrease and discourage illegal immigration, literally no one except dumbasses constructing a strawman like you is stupid enough to think this is supposed to fix everything, this addresses a specific part of the problem.

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In order for the article's numbers to be accurate it would have to halt illegal immigration entirely.

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A real 13th Century solution. Hey, how about we arrest a few hundred employers who hire illegals and dry up their money well. Then watch them self-deport.

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Looking at the data, this seems like a clear solution.

The prospect of federal prison ought to disincentive hiring illegals.

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Does it stop rape by illegal Mexicans?


Fuckin' worth it.

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You know what else stops rape by illegal Mexicans?

Letting Americans properly defend themselves without having to rely on the government.

The best part is it doesn't cost $15B to taxpayers.

[–] FuckYouReddit- 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Hells yeah.

/chambers round

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All Trump has to do is impose a little tariff on Mexican goods and the wall is paid for. If that tariff is the same as Mexico's tariff for American manufactured goods we will be millions ahead. Pretty easy math, yes, the Mexicans will pay for the wall.

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Protip: Americans pay for tarrifs on imported goods.

[–] edistojim 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Protip: Buy American.

Another would be that the cost of government services fare outweighs the cost of a wall, its just numbers really, the wall is cheap compared to welfare, food stamps WIC, EBT, ect, ect.

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“Another issue policymakers may confront regarding the strengthening of the Southwest border is how to prevent the corruption of U.S. and Mexican border officials,” the report suggested. It noted that 144 employees of Customs and Border Patrol, or CBP, from FY2005 to FY2012, “were arrested or indicted for corruption-related activities and 65 percent of them were stationed along the Southwest border.”

Wow. I didn't know it was that bad.

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Makes sense ... Pay to pass drugs through ... Considering guards probably like that injected pocket money.

[–] Rainy-Day-Dream 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

the only time in recent history that liberals have cared about the cost of anything. Trump already took 100 billion off the debt, as long as it doesn't cost more than that we're in the positive

[–] 8482203 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago  (edited ago)


His proposed budget adds $400b to the debt every year for 4 years, and that is before any infrastructure improvements which he hasn't budgeted for (and in fact he's cut infrastructure spending in his budget)

[–] Rainy-Day-Dream 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

2 months into obamas presidency he had already added 400b to the debt, in the same amount of time trump took 100b off the debt, you can believe whatever you want and listen to liars but the numbers are the numbers and the facts are the facts

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